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Dream Big & You'll Succeed


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Courtney Sanders
Final PPP slideshow

Published in: Education
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Dream Big & You'll Succeed

  1. 1. Photo by Utopian Sounds Dare to dream?
  2. 2. I am Courtney Sanders & I believe… Photo by Lynnette Boehm
  3. 3. If you dream big, you'll succeed
  4. 4. I Can Inspire Artists… Old Huntington Piano Music
  5. 5. Photo by Joshua James Silliman To never give up &…
  6. 6. To always push forward… photo by Courtney Sanders
  7. 7. I achieved my dreams with passion, Photo by Courtney Sanders
  8. 8. hard work & dedication.
  9. 9. I have… Photo by Courtney Sanders
  10. 10. maintained baseball fields, Photo by Courtney Sanders
  11. 11. managed & sold ball field concessions,
  12. 12. was Director of Operations for cross country &
  13. 13. sold band merchandise. photo by Justin Ray
  14. 14. Dreams, hard work & education go hand in hand. Photo by Courtney Sanders
  15. 15. My achievements are Photo by Lynnette Boehm
  16. 16. International Baccalaureate photo by Courtney Sanders cert ifi cate ofV is ual A rt s
  17. 17. B.S. of Entertainment Business from Full Sail University
  18. 18. I will make your dreams come true Photo by Courtney Sanders
  19. 19. and drive you to success… Photo by Courtney Sanders
  20. 20. If I can join your record label team
  21. 21. I can help bands to help others… Photo by Stephen Light
  22. 22. With the power of their music… Photo by Courtney Sanders
  23. 23. to create a way for people to escape… Photo by LadyOFsorrowsX3
  24. 24. To bring back the light Photo by Courtney Sanders
  25. 25. & to bring back their dreams! Photo by Lynnette Boehm