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Representation work for my Media coursework

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  1. 1. REPRESENTATION Courtney Few
  2. 2. FRONT COVER FROM ‘TOP OF THE POPS’How is the front How my front covercover represented in is represented:Top of the Pop’s: • A mid-shot is• Casual clothing to used to show her connote a normal fashion sense and atmosphere. to see the pose• This is a mid-shot she conveys which so you can see shows the type of the emotion so person she is and the reader can you can see her feel connected emotion. and their fashion sense.
  3. 3. CONTENTS PAGE FROM ‘WE LOVE POP ’How We love Popcontents page is How my contentsrepresented: page is• All close and mid- represented: shots of the artists • I have used the which show their same concept of emotion and convey using mostly a happy atmosphere. close-ups to• Also the main image show the happy on the page is a mid- emotions. shot which show • The main image their fashion sense is a high, angle and to show they are midshot which stylish. shows the artist in a different light and with the gitar makes him look innocent.
  4. 4. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD FROM ‘TOP OF THE POPS’How is Top of thePop’s double page How my doublespread represented: page spread is• The artist is represented: presented as • A high-angle angelic and mid-shot is innocent to make used to make her as a role her look more mosel for the innocent and readers it has to make the done this by target audience having a high- want to be angle mid-shot inspired by her and having her also seeing the makeup and hair fashion sense done in a of the artist. particular way.