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The Snail Entrepreneur: The 7-year-old kid every startup should learn from

Matteo faced a seemly impossible problem, but didn't give up. He used daddy's #PopcornFlow and pivoted. 17 options and 5 experiments later, he converged to success.

PopcornFlow is impacting businesses (large and small) but also families and kids.
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The Snail Entrepreneur: The 7-year-old kid every startup should learn from

  1. 1. Snail @agilesensei The 7-year-old kid every startup should learn from written & illustrated by Claudio Perrone (his dad) The Entrepreneur
  2. 2. We live in turbulent times Credit: NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team
  3. 3. Are you evolving fast enough? @agilesensei
  4. 4. Problems & observations Options Possible experiments Committed Next Review Ongoing By Claudio Perrone INERTIA IS our ENEMY If change is hard, make it continuous. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but…
 A shared opinion is a fact. It’s not “fail fast, fail often”...
 It’s “learn fast, learn often”. 1 2 3 Enter “PopcornFlow" PopcornFlow® is a registered mark of Claudio Perrone. As a consequence:
  5. 5. @agilesensei Last week, Matteo had a problem
  6. 6. @agilesensei so, He created 16 options… in less than 1 hour!
  7. 7. His first experiment didn’t bring the results that he had hoped for @agilesensei
  8. 8. His sign was promising too, but didn’t work out either @agilesensei
  9. 9. No matter who and how he asked… @agilesensei … nobody wanted to buy his snails
  10. 10. “ -- Matteo Perrone I could give up. I’ll never give up. What would you do? @agilesensei
  11. 11. @agilesensei Matteo decided to explore a new option
  12. 12. He worked furiously on an epic adventure @agilesensei
  13. 13. Wed, June 15 2016 @agilesensei
  14. 14. his 4-page MVP earns him his first €20… … in his sleep!
  15. 15. @agilesensei 48 hours later… €91.02
  16. 16. @agilesensei He’d love if you could visit his landing page
  17. 17. WARNING: 1 OUT OF 6 PEOPLE WHO view that page will end up supporting this cheeky monkey @agilesensei
  18. 18. “Every single week, I’m 5 experiments older. Can I evolve even faster? Can you? Continuous evolution Is a way of life. -- Claudio Perrone (“daddy”) @agilesensei 10 11 12
  19. 19. Unsurprisingly, PopcornFlow is entering organizations all over the world… @agilesensei
  20. 20. Imagine a continuous flow of experiments to accelerate the rate of change in every corner of your organization... ... How far would you go? @agilesensei
  21. 21. Our company revenue grew by 10x in 2015, and the coaching that Claudio provided was the bedrock for our success. -- Rory O’ Connor, CEO at Scurri change to our business
 has been transformational. we manage parcel deliveries for some of the world's biggest online retailers @agilesensei
  22. 22. We live in turbulent times indeed…
  23. 23. … and it’s awesome! @agilesensei
  24. 24. @agilesensei
  25. 25. Claudio Perrone @agilesensei Next is now @agilesensei Brought to you thanks to my good friends at Support Matteo! Join the early notification list