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Curriculum night 2014


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Curriculum Night Presentation for Caulfeild iDEC school community

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Curriculum night 2014

  1. 1. Caulfeild Curriculum Night October 2014
  2. 2. Who We Are
  3. 3. Grade 6/7 Team
  4. 4. Tween Team
  5. 5. Primary Team
  6. 6. K Team
  7. 7. Specialist Educators
  8. 8. Educational Assistants Team
  9. 9. Support Staff Team
  10. 10. Administrative Team
  11. 11. Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts - Teaching the Whole Child
  12. 12. Staying in Touch about what is happening at school
  13. 13. @caulfeildschool
  14. 14. Code of Conduct
  15. 15. School Expectations Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible Be a Friend Be Proud
  16. 16. Homework
  17. 17. Recess and Lunch Use Re-Usable Containers Put Garbage in their Pocket Put Your Garbage in their Backpack
  18. 18. Caulfeild Parent Advisory Council
  19. 19. Tonight 7:00 - 7:25 Meet Your Child’s Teacher ! ! ! Learn about Classroom Expectations ! ! ! Learn about your Child’s Learning this Year ! Primary Team! ! Library Tweens! ! Room 206 Grade 6/7! ! Room 211
  20. 20. Mission Statement We are a community of curious and respectful learners engaged in meaningful inquiry in a digitally enhanced environment.
  21. 21. While a solid knowledge base in the basic skills will be maintained, to better prepare students for the future there will be more emphasis on key competencies like self-reliance, critical thinking, inquiry, creativity, problem solving, innovation, teamwork and collaboration, cross-cultural understanding, and technological literacy. We can also connect students more directly with the world outside of school, with increased focus on learning these skills across topic areas.
  22. 22. SUCCEED
  23. 23. Collaboration
  24. 24. notable increase in students achieving fully meets or exceeds in their writing 95% of students feel more focussed and engaged using digital tools 87% of students feel that learning through inquiry helps! them be more engaged 86% of students feel inquiry helps them better understand ! what they have learned
  25. 25. Dare to go Further
  26. 26. Go Further into Inquiry
  27. 27. Go Further to increase student self-awareness of the SUCCESS skills in order to improve achievement, connectedness to school, and connectedness of the students to themselves as learners. SUCCEED Skills Self-Regulation, Understanding, Creativity, Cooperation, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Determination
  28. 28. Go Further in How We Use Digital
  29. 29. Go Further with Learning Spaces
  30. 30. Have a Great Year!