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Neo4j and the Panama Papers - FooCafe June 2016


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In May 2016, the ICIJ stunned the world by making available a download of "The Panama Papers".

This remarkable dataset represents the largest leak of offshore financial networks ever, at least 10 times bigger than the previous largest leak. Luckily for those of us keen to analyse this data, they made the data available as a ready-to-run instance of the Neo4j graph database, with all data pre-loaded. In this presentation we'll show you how to download and run this database, and how to perform various queries using the Cypher query language to gain insights into the structure of the offshore financial networks used by people and corporations around the world.

And don't worry, you won't need to know Neo4j or Cypher, or even what the Panama Papers are. We'll introduce everything before pulling out the Cypher queries!

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Neo4j and the Panama Papers - FooCafe June 2016

  1. 1. Neo4j and the Panama Papers Craig Taverner 1
  2. 2. Craig Taverner @craigtaverner Craig Taverner @craigtaverner
  3. 3. +190 journalists in more than 65 countries
 12 staff members (USA, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Germany, France, Spain) 50% of the team = Data & Research Unit
  4. 4. 10x bigger than previous largest leak
  5. 5. Inside the 2.6 TB
  6. 6. May 9th, 2pm Washington DC
  7. 7. May 9th, 2pm Washington DC After three weeks: 4.6 million visitors 38 million page views Average 3:50 mins on site Top visitors: U.S., Japan, Spain, Canada, Argentina and Vietnam
  8. 8. Data model
  9. 9. Data model
  10. 10. Cypher!
  11. 11. DEMO
  12. 12. Financial Demo
  13. 13. Spatial Demo
  14. 14. Neo4j and the Panama Papers Craig Taverner 26 Resources: • Presentations and discussions • the ICIJ presentation at GraphConnect London • the Reddit AMA • Will Lyon and Mar Cabra at IRE 2016 • the ICIJ: • About the ICIJ • About the Panama Papers • The Power Players • Key Numbers & Figures • the Panama Papers database • Online Panama Papers Database • Download the database • Neo4j and extensions • • • •