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How to support industrial site selection with SlideShare presentations


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This short material shows you how to support site selection process with SlideShare presentations - and acquire site selection (FDI) projects at the same time.

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How to support industrial site selection with SlideShare presentations

  1. 1. How to support industrial site selection with SlideShare presentations by Dr. Balazs Csorjan, investment promotion specialist 2016 edition
  2. 2. [NOTE] These slides are designed not to present but to read as a document. Switch to Fullscreen View, please!
  3. 3. Corporate site selection is not a simple job. Every growing company has to find new locations and sites to do business, but the dedicated members of a site selection team have no easy job. Why? Site selectors are corporate professionals from the Finance, HR, Manufacturing or Service Delivery departments, they know nothing about competing investment destinations and probably do site selection once and last in their lifetime. Maybe they have professional site selection consultant, maybe not. Anyway, they have to collect information about 10-20 locations, have to analyze and rank them and have to make a final presentation - and show it to the board of the company. During this process, they will love any help from you. Instead of producing expensive place branding materials, try to support site selectors online - with an economic development, ‘instant’ presentation about their industry and about your investment destination’s potential sites. This short material shows you how to support site selection process with SlideShare presentations - and acquire site selection (FDI) projects at the same time.
  4. 4. ‘Instant’ presentations on SlideShare? Site selectors have to present their results to their board. Help them: collect and organize data about your destination, and provide copiable slides. Provide interesting and useful information about your destination - if you are a region in France, talk about the French (target industry related) labour market, infrastructure and regulations. We will see it right now how to do it. Why does it help to promote your own site? You can highlight yourself: involve your city’s or business parks’s strengths into your analysis, and your location will be listed among potential sites.
  5. 5. What about costs? Maybe this is the best part of economic development slidesharing: practically it has no costs. Content creators have to be your staff who are involved in site selection assistance. Your economic development staff knows much much more about your location (and about competing locations) than ad-hoc corporate site selectors, and slidesharing can be based on your staff’s experience and location expertise. Working time ‘cost’ is also minimal: 1 slideshare per month is a good goal, and 1 slideshare presentation can be produced in 1-2 working days, so if your team involves 3 economic developers, everybody has to ‘invest’ 1-2 days in every 3 month into slidesharing. Since content creation has working time ‘cost’ only, the IT costs are also minimal or even more zero. Content delivery is also free of charge: you have to share your slideshare presentations in the targeted industrial groups of social media like LinkedIn, and the visibility on Google search result page is also free of charge.
  6. 6. General rules before we study a successful economic development slideshare: ● first of all: your slideshare presentation is not the place for your self promotion: your victory reports don’t sell your location. Remember: site selectors seek useful location data, not PR stuff. ● industry focus: every slideshare presentation has to talk to corporate (industry) professionals, see also my next slide. ● be honest: write about your location and about your competing locations honestly. It’s much harder than to publish your PR bullshit, but site selection teams will love it.
  7. 7. A good site selection supporting presentation ● has an industry focus: electronics, automotive, pharma, business services - choose one of your target industries, ● gathers information about infrastructure, labor market, regulations ● involve all the potential locations and sites - you have to talk honestly about your hardest competitors, not just yourself The following ‘template’ shows it via a case study: we will analyze one of my most successful site selection supporting presentations called ”How to select your new electronics manufacturing site in Eastern Europe?” Industry focus
  8. 8. The Title tag The title of your presentation is critical. This is the ‘advertisement’ of your content, search engines like Google or SlideShare’s search engine will find it because you use relevant keywords in your title. And site selectors will click on your title, if it seems to be relevant and interesting enough. To find the best keywords, I use Google Trends. In this case, the “electronics” and “Eastern Europe” has the largest search activity.
  9. 9. Country (competing state/region) overview Summarize shortly all relevant locations in your broader investment destinations (in this case: competing countries of Eastern Europe) The perfect sources of information (data, maps, charts etc) are the investment promotion agencies or economic development organizations of each locations. Do not hesitate to provide links to all IPAs/EDOs - and highlight your business park/city inside your destination.
  10. 10. How to talk about infrastructure Always say something about real estate markets, providing links to your blog (or to your business park). When it’s about transportation infrastructure, talk about the type of infrastructure where your location has strengths. E.g: Hungary has a well developed motorways system (compared to competing states), but the air transport is not so good - so I simply skipped it.
  11. 11. How to talk about labour market HR is a critical issue in every site selection projects. Unfortunately, labour market demand and supply don’t meet in most of the locations, so always involve something interesting and target industry-relevant information into your presentation. I highlighted Hungary with a link to a blog post about the flexible Hungarian labour regulation, and with a map showing the low labour cost location inside Eastern Europe.
  12. 12. Finally, I provided an investor’s testimonial about my location + an international award supporting my message.
  13. 13. Deliver your content to site selectors. Why SlideShare? is the leading presentation sharing social media platform of the world. It has tremendous traffic from executive level corporate professionals. And, as a corporate professional if you’re familiar with SlideShare, where will you seek information when you will be dedicated to a new site selection project of your company? You can publish your new presentation also on your blog and on social media platforms like LinkedIn, but cannot skip SlideShare.
  14. 14. What’s next? Congratulations, you created and published a new, site selection supporting presentation. Now create similar materials for all your target industries - you have a long way to go.
  15. 15. About My name is Dr. Balazs Csorjan. I’m dealing with investment promotion since 2002, as a colleague of the Hungarian national investment promotion agency and later as an independent investment promotion specialist, taking part in 350+ site selection projects. On my blog you can learn about city/regional-level investment promotion, economic development blogging, slidesharing and YouTube channel practices.
  16. 16. Thnx a lot! It may be a general and short overview of the topic. Email your focused question to csorjan @ and I try to answer it.