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Deciphering diabetes


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Diabetes is a lifetime ailment that makes an individual’s blood glucose or sugar level to be too high. Diabetes is of two types

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Deciphering diabetes

  1. 1. Diabetes is a lifetime ailment that makes an individual’s blood glucose or sugar level to be too high. Diabetes is of two types
  2. 2. Type 1 diabetes
  3. 3. Here, the immune system of the body assaults and destroys cells producing insulin – the hormone that helps breakdown glucose in the bloodstream. As insulin is not produced, blood sugar level rises, and this can utterly destroy your body’s organs.
  4. 4. Type 1 diabetes is able to develop rapidly between several days and several weeks. It can occur at any age but mostly appears during childhood and teenage years. The insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes is also referred to as early-onset diabetes or juvenile diabetes as it commonly occurs before the sufferer hits age 40 and mostly during the teen years.
  5. 5. With type 2 diabetes, the body isn’t producing sufficient insulin, or the cells fail to react to insulin (insulin resistance
  6. 6. Most people would already be having type 2 diabetes for a long time before they know it since the early signs and symptoms are general. Type 2 diabetes is by far more common of the two and can occur at any age. It is at times called maturity-onset diabetes since it is more commonly found in older persons aged 40 and
  7. 7. While many people have diabetes, even more persons have blood glucose levels higher than normal, but not sufficiently high to be considered as having diabetes. Such a condition is called prediabetes. When your blood glucose/sugar level is higher than normal, then you’re at a higher risk of developing full-on diabetes.