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Beyond Meta(Data): Improving Your Blog With Google Search Console


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One of the most robust resources to improve SEO on a website is Google Search Console, and it's free! Find out about the key features of Google Webmaster Tools and improve your website through the data provided in this useful resource.

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Beyond Meta(Data): Improving Your Blog With Google Search Console

  1. 1. Beyond Meta(Data): Improving your Blog with Google Search Console Nicole Bullock BloggyCon 2015 @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  2. 2. It’s Time To Think Beyond… ….beyond meta titles and descriptions …beyond SEO plugins …beyond linkbuilding …beyond exact match keywords
  3. 3. Use Google Webmaster Tools like it’s your flight manual. Google is giving you detailed information about your site, so it’s obviously these factors that they are looking out for. Look To The Future
  4. 4. “ To make sure that our product includes everyone who cares about Search, we've decided to rebrand Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console.” Google Webmaster Tools is now Google Search Console @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  5. 5. Google Data Reporting Timeline @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  6. 6. • Traffic Reports • Pages Visited • Visitor Demographics • Track events and conversions • Social Media traffic • Average time on site • Bounce rate • Site Errors • Duplicate Content • Sitemaps • Search Impressions • Crawl Stats • HTML Improvements • Highlight Data for Indexing • Links • Malware • Fetch as Google Google Analytics vs Search Console (Webmaster Tools) @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  7. 7. Arm Your Blog With Powerful Tools
  8. 8. Search Console Dashboard @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  9. 9. • Sign into Search Console with your Google Account • Click the “Add a Site” Button • Type in full URL (including http://) • Click Continue for the Site Verification Page • Select Verification Method Adding Verification Code @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  10. 10. • Submit an XML sitemap • Google XML sitemaps plugin Sitemaps @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  11. 11. • For 404 errors, edit link, remove link, or set up a 301 redirect • Mark as fixed Site Errors @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  12. 12. Missing and Duplicate Metadata @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  13. 13. • Fetch as Google is a diagnostic tool that allows you to simulate how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site Fetch as Google @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  14. 14. • Use Data Highlighter to tag the data fields on your site with your mouse. Then Google can present your data more attractively -- and in new ways -- in search results and in other products such as the Google Knowledge Graph. Data Highlighter @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  15. 15. Search Analytics @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  16. 16. Questions? @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15
  17. 17. Let’s Connect Nicole Bullock • Twitter: @cuteculturechic • Instagram: cuteculturechick • Facebook: /cuteculturechick • LinkedIn: • Blogs: and @cuteculturechic | #BloggyCon15