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Arcady Sosinov - FreeWire Technologies

Arcady Sosinov of FreeWire Technologies' talk on mobile charging enabling the EV Ecosystem at the EV Momentum Summit Berlin, 21 June 2018

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Arcady Sosinov - FreeWire Technologies

  1. 1. Mobile Charging to Enable the EV Ecosystem
  2. 2. The Rise of Electric Vehicles are expected by 2025. 40-70 million electric vehicles To support this evolution, approx. 4.5-5.5 million charging points will need to be installed by 2025. According to the IEA 2017 EV Outlook
  3. 3. Uncertainty Change What’s Slowing the Investment in EV Charging Infrastructure? + User Behavior EV Adoption Infrastructure Costs New Technology
  4. 4. Challenges of Fixed Infrastructure: Supply time-consuming, permanent and can be cost-prohibitive Permits Construction Transformer Upgrade or New Service
  5. 5. Challenges of Fixed Infrastructure: Demand underutilized and outdated Workplace Charging: Productivity loss/hassle Employees worry about access to charging and spend an average 30 minutes moving their car to secure a charge. Fixed Charging: Underutilized stations Not enough historical basis for placement of charging stations leading to low utilization, typically 2 charges per day or less.
  6. 6. Challenges of Fixed Infrastructure: Grid 100kW out100kW in 100kW out14kW in Ten 20-minute charges per day for 30 days cost: $2,000 (Energy Charges) $3,000 (Demand Charges) Total = $5,000 $16.67 per charge $1,270 (Energy Charges) $420 (Demand Charges) Total = $1,690 $5.63 per charge Off-peak energy pricing = $0.10/kWh, peak energy pricing = $0.20/kWh, demand charge = $30/kW.
  7. 7. Enhancing the Charging Experience Bringing power to the vehicle Concierge ChargingTM an easy, full-service EV charging service for workplaces and beyond
  8. 8. Electrification Beyond the Grid • Lower costs: Off-peak charging reduces electricity and demand costs, no (or limited) need for infrastructure upgrades, no loss of parking • Greater Flexibility: Charge vehicles where they are, serve sites where fixed charging is prohibitive, change service locations, easily scale to meet demand • Higher satisfaction: Easy to manage, high utilization, seamless user experience (drop a pin to request a charge, get a text when complete) Mobile charging as a flexible complement to fixed infrastructure
  9. 9. 9 Mobile Charging Process Features FreeWire maintains and upgrades equipment Ability to mix and match charging speeds based on driver needs Flexible options to move service location
  10. 10. Site Assessment & Management Problem • Limited knowledge of EV charging patterns • Changing traffic patterns with EV adoption Solution Collect data about utilization to test locations before setting up stationary equipment Test necessary charging speed of stations without grid infrastructure upgrades Potentially results in underutilized charging stations
  11. 11. Deep Tech Dive Mobile EV chargers with onboard lithium-ion energy storage enable dual Level 2 or DC Fast Charging Mobi Charger L2 • Level 2 charging • Dual J1772 plugs delivering 7.5kW each • 40kWh or 80kWh storage capacity Mobi Charger DC • Delivering 50kW • CHAdeMO plug • 80kWh plus storage capacity Form Factor Options • Self-propelled – on-board motor for short distance travel without additional power • Trailer-mounted – robust large wheels for long distance travel
  12. 12. Infrastructure Optimization EV charging sites having challenges with traditional solutions are now serviceable Property ownership: short-term lease Expensive to serve growth: fixed stations trigger grid upgrades Cost-prohibitive (e.g., demand charges) Infrastructure constraints Flexibility Scalable EV charging network that operators can further optimize Test demand before using fixed stations Future-proofing the network – ability to scale technology mix with demand Customize program to users needs Mobile Charging is Accelerating EVs
  13. 13. Let’s connect: