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How to Survive the Google Earthquake - Cyrus Shepard


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Are the changes Google is making to marketing a disaster or opportunity for marketers? How do smart webmasters deal with keywords, links and SEO in the face of massive change? In this presentation for Marketing Festival 2013, Cyrus Shepard explains how opportunity abounds and give strategic advice on rising to the top.

How to Survive the Google Earthquake - Cyrus Shepard

  1. The Google Earthquake How to Survive the Future of Search and Online Marketing Cyrus Shepard @cyrusshepard
  2. As a child, disaster movies scared me
  3. Tornados were the worst Tornados were the worst
  4. Disaster?
  5. Google is tipping the landscape changing fast
  6. Queries Led To Websites Google CTR Study -
  7. 17.6% 9.94% 7.64% 5.31% Click Through Rate by Position Google CTR Study -
  8. All Your Info On One Page
  9. Who wants to be down here? ?%
  10. Organic Results
  11. Organic Results
  12. Google is eating all the verticals
  13. Informational Queries
  14. Transactional Queries
  15. Media Queries Books • Videos • Songs
  16. Medical Queries
  18. Not a real result, but demonstrates how Google’s new features often favor Google properties
  19. “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”
  20. “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Does not include the words “search engine”
  21. Stomping on SEO Google is stomping on SEO
  22. Global (not provided) at 75%
  23. Penguin killing links
  24. Decreasing “Domain Diversity measures the percentage of unique sub-domains across the URLs in the data set. The less diversity there is, the more domain "crowding" we observed.”
  25. Disaster?
  26. Disaster or opportunity?
  27. Disaster or opportunity?
  28. Growing Internet Use 92% of These Use Search Engines
  29. Rising Desktop Search &
  30. Rising Mobile Search
  31. Rising Desktop Search &
  32. Search Remains an Investment that Pays Organic Search Traffic to Moz 2011-2013
  33. When Combined With Other Channels It Becomes Unstoppable
  34. 6 Strategies for Future-Proof Results
  35. 1. From Keywords to Concepts because keywords still matter
  36. Keywords by themselves don’t rank Keywords “pay day loans” irrelevant and out of context This page is about exercise Spam
  37. 50-80% of Your Traffic Comes From Keywords You Didn’t Try For
  38. Google Sells Keywords by Groups Keyword groups focus on a single concept
  39. Related Keywords Sorted by Relevance Hmm…. Maybe these keywords down here relate to my concept
  40. Keywords need context to rank Language and signals focused around concepts
  41. 2. From Webpages to Authority
  42. Go Above and Beyond the Keyword The better answers you provide, the more value you offer.
  43. Answer All the Questions The more questions you answer, the less likely visitors will search elsewhere
  44. Publish Regularly on Your Expert Subjects A single page does not make you an authority.
  45. Use Real People as Subject Experts
  46. 3. From Links to Endorsements
  47. Newsflash: Google Doesn’t Care About Your Links
  48. What Counts are Your Endorsements
  49. Links deemed to have low editorial endorsement can be devalued, discounted, or even penalized. Very weak endorsement
  50. Non-editorial links can hurt Really? Very weak endorsement
  51. Non-Linking Citations are Endorsements
  52. This Looks Like an Endorsement High Authority Figure Nofollowed Social Mention
  53. What About This? High Authority Figure Followed Link
  54. Personalized Results as Endorsements Jonathon is connected to me socially 2 hours ago
  55. 4. Markup and Meta Data real benefits
  56. Better Social Sharing
  57. High Correlation Between Social Sharing and Rankings (Correlation is not causation) Social Metrics Keyword Usage
  58. Promotion in Search Results Neil wins here
  59. Enhanced SERPs Reviews Authorship
  60. Enhanced SERPs Does it Work? Authorship
  61. Cards Everywhere Personalization + Structured Data Research News Real Estate
  62. If Seznam used structured data instead of screenshots, we might not see blanks
  63. When in Doubt, Use Open Graph and
  64. 5. Mobile First
  65. Look Where Google is Going Moving Mobile Design to Desktop Mobile Desktop
  66. We’ve Seen This Before Cards Everywhere Mobile Desktop
  67. Easier to Expand Design than Contract Mobile Desktop
  68. Desktop Design Becomes an Extension of Mobile
  69. When we get here…. …people will ask… “Do we need a desktop site?”
  70. 6. From Pageviews to Satisfaction
  71. Web Analytics 1990
  72. First Touch - Middle - Last Touch Web Analytics 2013
  73. Do Visitors Like My Site? Instead of Just Visiting Measure: • Bounce Rate • Time on Site • Pages per Visit • Share Rate • Mention Rate
  74. Obsess Over Speed
  75. Track Offsite Mentions Important Mentions of “Marketing Festival”
  76. Together, we got this!
  77. @cyrusshepard