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Spotts Hippie Purim 5772

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  1. 1. Jewish tradition teaches thatour true essence emerges on the holiday of PurimIt’s time for the REAL Spotts family to come forward
  2. 2. The Hippie Purim story“The king’s party is far out!”All the Jews in attendance did shout.But old Mordechai continued to nag:“Watch out, this party’s a drag”Haman’s plan was bold and big“Kill all the Jews, you dig?”“Right on,” concurred the kingKumbaya they both began to singBut Esther and Modechai also had a planEsther begged: “Lay it on me, man”“Pray and cry to Hashem, and to fast,Until three days and nights have passed”The next thing you knowMordechai’s wearing the kings threadsAnd Haman and his sonsHad a noose around their headsNeato, groovy, outta sight!The whole story did Hashem rewriteSo later and peace out, we gotta scramHappy Purim from the Spotts fam!
  3. 3. Have a Hippie Purim! Yoel, Chavie, Nechama, Yosef, Meira, Temima and Chaim Spotts(In lieu of Shaloch Manos, we have donated to the Rabbi’s Charity Fund and Yad L’yad)