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Hyperfish for Active Directory - Video


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Hyperfish enables organizations to automatically identify and populate missing information in directories, quickly and easily. Utilizing next generation technologies, Hyperfish automates the process of keeping directory content fresh and up-to-date.

Using Hyperfish, organizations can be more effective by saving time, reducing IT Support overhead, and improving the speed of business communications. Quality directory information is vital for automating many business processes and making the most of new innovations in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The first release of Hyperfish will be focused on helping organizations keep Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) fresh and up-to-date. Hyperfish makes it super easy to keep information such as phone numbers, location, organizational hierarchy and profile photos fresh with little to no IT overhead.

Hyperfish uses new technologies such as machine learning, advanced analytics, and Hyperbot™ technology to dramatically improve directory content in three phases:

Analyze - Hyperfish constantly monitors directories for ​inconsistent, invalid, aged, and missing information identifying what needs to be updated or verified.

Suggest - By searching profile information across internal networks, public data sources, and social networks, Hyperfish gathers suggestions to make it easier for users to validate and add information.

Collect - Hyperfish individually reaches out to users to request and validate information via a personalized email request based on the information required and user preferences.

Directory updates can then be automatically applied or sent to an Administrator for approval.

Hyperfish makes it super easy to keep information such as phone numbers, reporting lines, and profile pictures fresh with little to no IT overhead.

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