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Earth Day 2014


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Published in: Education
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Earth Day 2014

  1. 1. Earth Day Workshop Daina Lujan, Safe Routes to School Cordinator Alonso Barahona, Consultant to the Safe Routes to School Program
  2. 2. Agenda Agenda Item Time Outcome Introductions 5 Minutes Meet One Another Event Overview 15 Minutes Shared Understanding of Earth Day Events Educator Guide 20 Minutes Learn About Extending Event Information into the Classroom Above and Beyond Ideas 15 Minutes Learn About Ways to Build the Event Event Planning 20 Minutes Plan and Outline Your Event and Next Steps Resource Gathering 10 Minutes Gather Event Materials
  3. 3. Earth Day Fun Facts • First Earth Day Celebrated in 1970 • Celebrated by 20 million Americans the first year • Environmental Protection Agency • Today more than 1 billion people celebrate • 44th Earth Day Celebration
  4. 4. Safe Routes and Earth Day Connection Climate change has many faces
  5. 5. County Event • Event Anytime in April • Registration • Data Reporting • Data Reporting Incentive Jamba Juice Gift Cards
  6. 6. Hosting a Successful Event Key Things to Consider: • Timeline • Outreach • Volunteers • Materials • Evaluation/Participation Tracking
  7. 7. Event Timeline Three Weeks Prior • Determine Length of Event, Identify Ideal Participants, Special Activity Possibilities • Obtain Approval • Register Event at • Identify Incentives  Students, Teachers, Volunteers • Begin Outreach and Recruiting
  8. 8. Event Timeline Two Weeks Prior • Engage Parent, Teacher, and Student Groups as Appropriate • Continue Outreach and Recruiting • Obtain Materials as Needed • Schedule special activities • Consider Tracking Tool One Week Prior • Continue Outreach and Recruiting • Obtain Materials as Needed • Finalize Tracking Tool
  9. 9. Event Timeline Event Day(s) • Incentive Distribution • Participation Tracking • Special Activities Event Wrap-Up • Celebrate
  10. 10. Outreach General Outreach • Increase awareness of the event  Parent Letters, E-mail, Website Announcements, Posters, Robo-Callers Engagement of Specific Groups • Increase excitement for the event • Implement above and beyond ideas  Staff Meetings, Student Council, PTA, School Site Council
  11. 11. Volunteers Outreach Support • Volunteers to assist with hanging posters, robo-calls, talking to kids, parent letters/e-mails/flyers, posting information on websites Materials Support • Volunteers to acquire event materials, distribute incentives on the day of the event Event Day Support • Greeters, Incentive Distributors, Participation Tracking Participation Tracking Support • Development of a tracking tool, providing training as needed, monitoring, determining a winner
  12. 12. Materials Materials to Consider: • Advertisement/Outreach Resources • Participation Tracking Tools • Incentives (Student, Teacher, Volunteer) • Welcome Table Materials • Special Event Materials (bags, gloves, plantings)
  13. 13. County Resources To Help you with your event, a few free resources are available: • Posters • Pencils • Bags • Seeds
  14. 14. Educator Guide What’s in Our Air? • Educator’s Guide pages 123-130 • Review with students what they “Know” and what they would “Want to Know” about air pollution • Review the San Mateo County Air Quality sheet. Students will get to share their thoughts on different activities that lead to air pollution • Particle Board Activity  Demonstrates to students how much dirt is in the air by using Vaseline to trap particulate matter onto a particle board
  15. 15. Classroom Lessons Recycle Works Litter Collection Activities • Provides students with lessons that will engage them about the different kinds of litter that are found around their neighborhood • How litter impacts the environment • Where students can change their environment through litter collection and recycling
  16. 16. Earth Day Stories/Movies The Earth and I by Frank Asch The Earth Book by Todd Parr The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (also movie) The Curious Garden by Peter Brown Recycle by Gail Gibbons The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Composting: Nature's Recyclers by Robin Michal Koontz More at
  17. 17. Above and Beyond Ideas School Based Ideas • Recycling Shoes • Composting Demonstration • Clean Up Event • Fashion Show of Reused Items • Tree Planting • Creating Projects of Recycled Materials
  18. 18. Green Star Certification Program Go to Select a Pathway • Waste • Transportation • Energy • Water Conduct an Audit for Baseline Develop a Plan Engage in Action Celebrate
  19. 19. Cool the Earth Program Visit Request Materials Host an Assembly Track Participation Celebrate **All program materials are available at no cost
  20. 20. Event Evaluation Enter Safe Routes and Earth Day Data at: Key Data: Number of 33 gallon bags of trash and recycling collected Incentive: All organizations that enter data are entered for drawing for Jamba Juice Gift Cards!
  21. 21. Partners • Engage Cities Public Works Departments • Sierra Club • Local Community Gardens • Haulers
  22. 22. Event Planning Time • Consider Your District/School • Consider Possibilities Mentioned Today • Outline Your Event Using the Planning Sheet
  23. 23. Share Out Overview of Event One element that may be challenging One element you are excited about
  24. 24. Workshop Evaluation 1. The workshop provided me with resources and ideas to help me either implement a Earth Day Event and/or support others with implementing an event Agree Disagree 2. In considering planning, implementing and hosting an Earth Day Event, what other resources or information would be of help? 3. What are the biggest challenges you face with planning and implementing encouragement events? 4. What Safe Routes topics would you like to know more about?
  25. 25. Thank you! Daina Lujan 650-802-5306 Alonso Barahona