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Making e learning powerful

Presentation given at Digital Horizons Conference 2016

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Making e learning powerful

  1. 1. Digital Horizons Conference Making eLearning Powerful June 2016
  2. 2. eLearning Cycle = Learning Depth
  3. 3. Where are you on the Loop?
  4. 4. Where are you on the loop? Has to be explicitly planned for
  5. 5. Teacher led Teacher led Teacher led Teacher led Teacher led The eLearning Loop = Learning Depth
  6. 6. Re-mixing learning BYOD = $0 B
  7. 7. Ingredients for eLearning success Student eLearning skills Teachers using technology effectively Student learning models
  8. 8. Anatomy of an eLearning writing task on a Google Site Vs Task Audioboom Padledt/ Multimedia output Google Doc Task set by teacher with clear expectations and learning intentions Students brainstorm initial ideas Students classify, sort, adapt add to ideas Students draft, revise, improve their work Students elect the format of their final output - if appropriate Continual student feedback/feed forward based on learning intentions Students give feedback via comments in docs as work is produced
  9. 9. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  10. 10. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  11. 11. Making eLearning Powerful
  12. 12. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  13. 13. Sharing content via Google Drive Vs
  14. 14. Sharing content via a Google Site Vs
  15. 15. Tools to facilitate the capturing of Student Voice Vs
  16. 16. Making eLearning Powerful Vs Tool Web Address EduCreations AwwApp AudioBoom Appear In Verso Lensoo Snip Jing
  17. 17. eLPF goal and target students/7 principles - link to planning resource
  18. 18. Activity: eLPF goal and target students/7 principles
  19. 19. Use Rubrics to support
  20. 20. Use Rubrics to support
  21. 21. Inference Make a copy of this presentation then: 1. Read both texts 2. Highlight the key-words that describe the setting and atmosphere of the location - using transparent shapes 3. Add a new slide to the presentation 4. Select three of the words you have highlighted and write synonyms and antonyms for them 5. Write two similes and metaphors to help create atmosphere 6. Write an extended description of “Turnbull” based on what you have inferred from the text 7. Re-name your presentation and upload it to a new post on this page 8. Read the work of two others and compare their description to yours, what difference do you note between them all, share your thoughts as a comment on the other examples of writing
  22. 22. The Apothecary, Maile Maloy.
  23. 23. Just because they are digital... Vs Don’t assume they know how to use the tool! ● Use JIT Learning ● Flip the Classroom for skills with tools ● Get them to make tutorials
  24. 24. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  25. 25. Making eLearning Powerful Vs Create a student friendly feedback rubric, based on current success criterion
  26. 26. Ingredients for eLearning success Student eLearning skills Teachers using technology effectively Student learning models
  27. 27. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  28. 28. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  29. 29. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  30. 30. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  31. 31. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  32. 32. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  33. 33. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  34. 34. Making eLearning Powerful Vs
  35. 35. Making eLearning Powerful Vs