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9 Must-Have Marketing Tools for 2015

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9 Must-Have Marketing Tools for 2015

  2. BuzzSumo1 BuzzSumo is a tool you can use for coming up with better content ideas, finding great content to share, keeping track of what your competitors are doing, and finding influencers.
  3. Mention2 Mention helps you track key phrases and brand names, in real time, so you never miss out on a conversation with current and potential customers.
  4. Ducksboard3 Ducksboard is a real-time dashboard which helps you visualize and monitor your data in one single place – from every service you use.
  5. Socedo4 Socedo helps sales and marketing professionals leverage social media to discover leads and build relationships more effectively. Just enter keywords, hashtags or any other search criteria, and it’ll return a prospect list.
  6. Canva5 Canva makes design simple for everyone. Their service gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.
  7. Tropical6 Tropical provides a consolidated customer profile to visualize everything you need to know about your customers.
  8. Autosend7 Autosend sends personalized, targeted email and text messages to customers based on what they do on your website. So anytime a customer joins, makes a purchase or even looks at a particular FAQ question on your website, you can proactively send a personal message to them.
  9. Oktopost8 Oktopost helps you manage your social media presence by sharing your content, manage conversations and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns easily, in one place.
  10. VWO9 VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is an A/B testing tool that helps you determine what’s working on your website, and what’s not. You can use VWO to test things such as which headline, website design or website copy your visitors respond to best.
  11. Primer Primer is an experimental mobile app from Google aimed at busy startups to refresh their marketing skills. With their 5- minute lessons, you can learn new topics quickly, get practical advice, and even refresh yourself on marketing basics – all in a very visually beautiful and straightforward way.
  12. Cheers to @sujanpatel for letting me visualize his post. Check out his ebook on how to grow your business fast:
  13. Made by Damon Nofar @damonify
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