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Eventos Demo for SemTechBiz 2013 (San Francisco)

Eventos allows to cluster, categories in real time web information (articles). Individuals can train the system and start to collect articles by topics. Those are automatically aggregated to events, super-topics and also show a history of a story evolution.

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Eventos Demo for SemTechBiz 2013 (San Francisco)

  1. 1. Eventos – Harvest realtime content that matters forCRM and Scientific papermanagementDaniel Hladky (Ontos and NRU HSE)Polina Kananykina (Eventos)Semantic Solutions – Monday, 6/3/201303:40 pm – 04:10 pm
  2. 2. Agenda§ What is Eventos§ Some secrets but not all…§ Set it Up§ Use Case with CRM§ Use Case Scientific Papers2
  3. 3. I’m always aware of every event going on in my sphere of interests.I never miss anything important, but I do not read anything irrelevant.I spend very little time on that.How not to miss important information in hugeamounts of growing contentThe New York Times.,
  4. 4. Some secrets but not all…Search of facts and knowledge with document’s semanticfingerprint4§  TF (term frequency)§  IDF (inverse document frequency)§  TF-IDFSemantic fingerprint of document
  5. 5. Set it Up your „Personal information space”5Construction and education ofpersonal categoriesAutomatic creation of lists of topics foryour categoriesSummaryDiagram of topic’s evolution
  6. 6. 6DEMO “Eventos”http://my-eventos.com
  7. 7. Use Case “CRM”§ Content that matters inside your CRM§  Semantic fingerprint (Web information)§  Linked Open Data (LOD)§  Enterprise Data§  Knowledge Base (OntoQUAD – RDF graph)7ConsumeOntoQUAD
  8. 8. 8DEMO “CRM”
  9. 9. Science map9
  10. 10. 10DEMO “Science”
  11. 11. Eventos with Named Entities11
  12. 12. Outlook§ Personalisation with own sources (feeds)§ More Social Network Integration§ Alerts and Summarisation§ Some Intelligence (Analytics)12
  13. 13. Thank you