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CFA digital marketing strategy proposal


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CFA Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal.

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CFA digital marketing strategy proposal

  1. 1. April 3, 2015 | Prepared for: Contract Furniture Alliance | Prepared by: Danielle Goodrich & Christian Schmid PROPOSAL DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY cfa
  3. 3. cfa SUMMARY CFA has a brand new website and they are in the preliminary stages of testing online traffic- driving tactics such as social media. CFA did not have any analytics tracking site traffic. They have a marketing department on staff and multiple people managing the social media. ANALYTICSSUMMARY After adding Google Analytics to the site, some initial findings show that the current highest traffic-driving vehicle is referral traffic. Organic, direct and social have room for growth. Email and paid search are not currently being utilized. ` Referral: Sites such as the Knoxville Chamber or any website that has a link to CFA on their site ` Organic: Any traffic where the user was searching pertinent keywords (e.g. installation of new furniture or on-site project management) ` Direct: When the user types in the url in their browser ` Social: Facebook and any other social media sites ` Paid: Google Adwords SUMMARY 3
  4. 4. cfa GOOGLEANALYTICSINSIGHTS GEOGRAPHY The majority of site traffic came from Knoxville and Nashville with some smaller concentrations in outlying areas. This information will help us identify the target markets with the most potential. DEMOGRAPHICS The visitors skewed female with higher concentrations in 25-34 and 55-64. According to the Pareto Principle or the 80-20 Rule, 20% of your clients account for 80% of your sales. So the idea is to identify the 20% or the heavy users and find more of them. This information helps us when identifying the target audience for retargeting or paid tactics. INSIGHTS 4
  5. 5. cfa GOOGLEANALYTICSINSIGHTS BENCHMARKING CFA is in the initial stages of digital traffic driving vehicles, and when compared to other sites in the industry, was higher than average for referral but had room for growth in all other categories. INSIGHTS 5
  6. 6. cfa PROJECTRECOMMENDATIONS Employ tactics to grow Organic, Direct, Social, Email and Paid search traffic. ORGANICSEARCH Organic search is going to be a high conversion vehicle since the user is actively seeking your service or product. This is why we rank improving organic search at the top of our services. Organic search takes a few weeks to identify keywords, install the plugin and create pertinent copy. In order to increase organic search we recommend the following tactics: ` Install SEO Plugin ` To increase organic rank we will install an SEO plugin compatible with WordPress ` Site Audit & Research ` Identify missed SEO opportunities ` Recommend changes to site structure ` Research competitors for additional insight ` Optimize backlink anchor text for keywords and corresponding landing pages ` Landing Pages ` Perform keyword and longtail keyphrase research ` Create keywords-optimized or industry-specific landing pages monthly using provided content e.g. case studies and completion photos ` Content Marketing ` Utilizing knowledge of important keywords, concept and create keyword relevant articles to be disseminated via blog and social media DIRECT To increase direct traffic, utilize traditional media and networking methods that promote your url. We can help you come up with a traditional media strategy, however this seems like something that can be managed in-house. Direct is also going to be a high conversion vehicle since the user is specifically looking for you. RECOMMENDATIONS 6
  7. 7. cfa SOCIAL Social media is a great way to quickly grow site traffic. Through posts and targeted paid social ads, which can be targeted to just your audience you can drive highly targeted prospective clients to your site. We would be happy to assist in streamlining this vehicle through a calendar, however this is not on our top three because there are people on staff that are able to manage this. ` Social Media Calendar ` Develop a social media calendar that details annual plan week-to-week ` Social Listening ` Google Alerts set up for CFA and competition ` Monitor keywords and mentions ` Respond timely and effectively EMAIL Email is a great way to brand CFA by regularly sending content to segmented prospect lists. Email keeps you top of mind and is a cost effective medium due to its low cost to reach targeted customers. It is easy to track because it shows who opened what email, identifying specific interests and what types of emails are more successful. This is a service that we highly recommend and is a great fit for a visual product and service. It is also a great way to build anticipation for trade shows and follow up after. We would take all of your email contacts and upload them to start. We would also set up an email capture on the website to help grow the list. We would collaborate on a branded design for the email and can get this set up within a week of signing a contract. We would recommend sending out emails weekly or every other week. They typically take a few days to concept and back and forth edits. We would recommend the social posts coincide with the emails. PROJECTRECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS 7
  8. 8. cfa ` Email Campaigns ` Manage email campaign account ` Concept and help develop content weekly or bi-weekly ` Manage segmented email lists and email capture forms ` Create templates for different targeted emails PAIDSEARCH(PAY-PER-CLICK) Paid search is one of the fastest ways to get a lot of qualified visitors to your website instantly. When people search pertinent keywords your ad will appear at the top or right hand side. This vehicle is very cost efficient because there isn’t a lot of waste. You only pay for the users that click through to your site. That is why paid search is also called pay-per-click. We rank this one highly because we know that it will drive prospects to your site that are actively seeking your product. The conversion rate is slightly lower for paid than it is for organic or direct. This is because there is quite a bit of competition and unlike direct traffic the consumer may not be familiar with your brand. For this reason we rank this high on our recommendation but lower than organic and direct. PROJECTRECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS 8
  9. 9. cfa Paid search takes time to set up. It will take a week to get this up and running since there is a lot that goes into getting adwords off the ground. Identifying keywords, writing ads etc. This is why there is a larger price tag attached to the first month. This is something that a marketing manager could take over with some training. ` Pay-Per-Click ` Create and manage targeted Google Adword campaigns ` Create and manage targeted sponsored social posts ` Includes account set up, cost of ads and keywords ` Continually monitor and optimize for best ROI ANALYTICS,TRACKINGANDLEADIDENTIFICATION No strategy is complete without tracking which vehicles are working the best. This intelligence allows you to make changes to optimize results. We have already set up Google Analytics which will help you identify opportunities for your website and digital traffic driving vehicles. When working together, we would provide you reports on a weekly basis helping to identify these opportunities. Additionally, we offer lead tracking software management. By installing code on the site and using, lead-tracking software allows you to identify the businesses that visit your site, what pages they visited, and for how long. It can be used in conjunction with Salesforce and LinkedIn. Considering 98% of visitors will never reach out to you to contact, either because their questions weren’t fully answered or they weren’t ready to buy, or they preferred your competitor etc. this software enables CFA a second chance and an opportunity to reach out to the prospect. We rank this vehicle highly because these are prospects that are actively seeking your product. They may only be in the research phase, but now you know, and can have a salesperson reach out, or get them on an email list to soften them up through branding and education. PROJECTRECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS 9
  10. 10. cfa We did not rank this service in the top three however, because in the meeting there was a concern that the sales staff wasn’t fully utilizing Salesforce and in order for this software to be beneficial you must have the sales staff ready to actively pursue these leads. When combined with a hungry sales team, lead identification software can be an immensely powerful tool. Lead identification software takes a few days to get up and running and comes with a minimum 3 month contract in order to give the tool a fair chance. ` Google Analytics ` Weekly reports for Google Analytics traffic, organic and paid search, referrals and landing pages ` Recommendations for improvements ` Lead Forensics ` Using advanced tracking technology and embedding code on the site we will identify businesses that visit the site ` Weekly reports of businesses that visited, what pages they visited ` Next step lead strategy PROJECTRECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS 10
  11. 11. PHASE I: Analytics & SEO/ 2 Weeks COMPLETION 1. Google Analytics 2. Install SEO Plugin 3. Site Audit & Research 4/27/2015 PHASE II: Outbound Marketing / 1–2 Weeks COMPLETION 1. Landing Pages 2. Email Campaigns 3. Content Marketing 5/4/2015 PHASE III: Paid Search & Target Identification / 1–2 Weeks COMPLETION 1. Pay-Per-Click 2. Lead Forensics 5/18/2015 PHASE IV: Social Planning / 1–2 Weeks COMPLETION 1. Social Media Calendar 2. Social Listening 6/1/2015 cfa PROJECTTIMELINE&PRIORITYRANK The project schedule is ranked in order of importance and is based on the projected project start date of April 13, 2015. Any change in start date would result in changes in all subsequent dates. Project Timeline 11
  12. 12. Phase I Google Analytics (already installed) FREE Install SEO Plugin & Optimize Site 1x $500.00 Site Audit & Research 1x $500.00 Phase II Landing Pages Monthly $500.00 Email Campaigns Bi-Weekly $500.00 Weekly $1000.00 Content Marketing Bi-Weekly $500.00 Weekly $1000.00 Phase III Pay-Per-Click (Ongoing, 3 Month Minimum) First Month $1000.00 Monthly Management $500.00 Google Ad Spend $500.00 Lead Forensics (Ongoing, 3 Month Minimum) Monthly $1000.00 Phase IV Social Media Calendar 1x $1500.00 Social Listening 1x $250.00 DELIVERABLES AND SERVICES Recurrence & Cost Estimate cfa DETAILEDFEEESTIMATE Detailed Fee Estimate 12
  13. 13. Danielle Goodrich Strategic Marketing Consultant 978-335-5037 LinkedIn Christian Schmid Strategic Marketing Consultant 423-444-5243 LinkedIn