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What Makes Ego C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Different From The Rest


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What Makes Ego C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Different From The Rest

  1. 1. What Makes Ego C Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Different From The Rest
  2. 2. All introductory kits on the market for first-time vapers contain pretty much the same stuff. However, they vary greatly when it comes to the features of each and every component included. The Ego C electronic cigarette starter kit contains a couple of things that make it different from the rest. They are the unique atomizer system and a variable voltage battery.
  3. 3. You are not going to have a hard time getting your hands on a vaping device these days. It's important to note that not all of them can make you feel satisfied. A few things have an impact on the way they work, and the atomizer and rechargeable battery are the major factors. If the ones used are substandard or has outmoded functionality, you may only end up going back to smoking.
  4. 4. An innovative atomizer system is being used by the Ego C device. It's unlike those that are found on other units because the entire component may be taken apart completely. This is especially beneficial when it comes to lowering the running cost, making it appealing to cost-conscious vapers. It also offers a lot of convenience when it comes to cleaning up the atomizer base.
  5. 5. The usual atomizers found on other devices have to be disposed of once they are no longer meeting expectations. Thanks to the unique atomizer system this particular brand uses, economizing is possible. Usually, an atomizer is comprised of smaller parts that are fused together. This time around, the manufacturer went the other way in order to offer the consumers something new.
  6. 6. With its unique atomizer system, the user only has to discard only the particular component that fails to work, not the entire thing. This results in less running cost, allowing for a more economical alternative to smoking. The design also makes it very easy to clean the atomizer base. It will come in very handy most especially if the issue pertains to burnt or dried up e juice.
  7. 7. Another thing that makes the starter kit worthy of your attention is the battery that comes with it. It's true that the 650 mAh rating is not the most impressive one on the market. However, making up for that are the added features it boasts. Each of them serves an important role so you may enjoy a vaping life that's not only pleasurable but also customizable to your specific vaping needs.
  8. 8. A small button is on the battery's body that is pressed to activate the device. This also doubles as a locking feature that helps prevent unnecessary drainage of the battery. The user has to press it five times rapidly in order to set it off. Doing the same thing again unlocks it. There's also the LED indicator that lights up when the power is down to 25% only.
  9. 9. The battery included with the Ego C electronic cigarette starter kit has a knob on its far which alters the voltage. Setting it at 3.2V allows the device to produce smaller amount of vapor, also conserving battery life in the process. Turning it towards the other direction and choosing 4.8V results in maximum vapor production, perfect for you if you used to smoke heavily.
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