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Catalyze yourcreativity

Can you have it all?

In an ideal world we would be able to get the things we want immediately, in perfect condition AND at just the right price (preferably free). Unfortunately the real world of business doesn’t work that way. We have to make some compromises and choose the project parameters we value most, while sacrificing others.

Because of time and budgetary restrictions, clients are normally forced to pick from only two of the following three project goals - Fast, Good and cheap, while sacraficing the latter. It doesn't have to be this way anymore. Discover how open tools and resources are helping designers do the impossible and create amazing work despite their limitations.

Make it work

Open source design tools and resources can help designers break out of the "pick two" paradigm. Open resources enable designers to work more quickly with smaller budgets, but still deliver professional results.

In this session, we will discuss:

Brief history and introduction to copyright and licensing
Ways designers are using open licensing in their work and to empower others
How to find open tools and resources
Join me and learn how sharing our collective creative resources can help us be better designers and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Catalyze yourcreativity

  1. 1. CATALYZE YOUR CREATIVITY and save time and money with open tools & resources DARIUS GARZA BY-SA 2014 some rights reserved darius_garza /
  2. 2. CHEAP FAST Mediocre Expensive Impossible? Slow GOOD PICK TWO
  3. 3. OVERVIEW 01. Why I care 02. Copyright crash course 03. Open tools & Resources
  6. 6. © CRASH COURSE 01. All rights reserved: - Copy - Distribute - Modify - Use
  7. 7. © CRASH COURSE 02. Derivitive works - Modification and Interpretation - Derivitive has its own ©
  8. 8. Shepard Fairey Vs. Associated Press
  9. 9. © CRASH COURSE 03. Fair use - Purpose and character of copy - Nature of copied work - Amount of work copied - Financial impact
  10. 10. Leibovitz v. Paramount Pictures Corp.
  11. 11. © CRASH COURSE 04. Licensing - A set of permissions - Creative Commons, General public license (GPL), Open Font License (OFL)
  12. 12. CREATIVE COMMONS - BY / Atrribution - ND / No Derivatives - NC / Non-Commercial - SA / Share-Alike - Some rights reserved;
  13. 13. © CRASH COURSE 05. Open source - Freedom to copy, modify & distribute - Spectrum of Open
  14. 14. © CRASH COURSE 06. Modularity A single copyrighted work may consist of many other copyrighted works
  15. 15. © CRASH COURSE 07. Work for hire - Your boss owns your copyright - Contractors don’t surrender copyright
  16. 16. © CRASH COURSE 08. Common myths - All educational use is Fair use - It’s ok if I only use 51% - Poor man’s registration - Free is open, Open is free
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  26. 26. THANKS! BY-SA 2014 some rights reserved DARIUS GARZA darius_garza /