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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. WORKSHOP USING THE ITOOLS FOR ENGLISH TEACHING by Darya Arcimeyeyeva Novopilskyy Educational Complex Teacher of the Year - 2016
  2. 2. GROUPS •Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the Earth. •Work is done, time to fun •Plato is my friend, but dearer still is truth.
  3. 3. OUTCOMES By the end of the workshop you will: •be aware of some useful itools for English teaching; •be able to exploit a tool set for different tasks; •have evaluated these itools.
  4. 4. ACTIVITY 1 WORDCLOUD – TAGUL.COM Tasks for groups: • Group 1 – What are the itools? • Group 2 – What devices or resources do we need to use the itools? • Group 3 – For what we should use the itools?
  5. 5. KAHOOT • Steps for Kahoot • 1. Go to (your pupils can download the special app) • 2. Enter Game pin (on the main screen) • 3. Enter your nickname • On your device will be shown 4 colour squares. On main screen is the task and multiply choices. You should press on the colour, which shows the right answer.
  6. 6. QR-QUEST • Find and scan the QR-codes which are the colour of your group. • Write down the question in the first column. • Then write the answer in second column. Question Answer
  7. 7. SHOW YOUR ANSWERS! Was this workshop useful for you? A Yes B No C Hard to answer What itools do you like the most? A Kahoot B Qr-codes C Wordcloud D Plickers Will you use these itools on your lessons? A True B False Will you share the ideas of these workshop with you colleagues? A True B False