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Statistics For Data Science

Two types of Statistical methods are used in analyzing Data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

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Statistics For Data Science

  1. 1. © 2020 DataMites™. All Rights Reserved | DataMites™ Statistics for Data Science Toll Free Number:1800 313 3434 Data Science Courses
  2. 2. Data Science is showing it’s influence across different industries. Businesses are increasingly moving towards a data driven approach. It is known to be the mix of three disciplines, namely Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science. Let’s look at the share of statistics in the field of Data Science . Introduction Datamites Data Science Courses
  3. 3. What is Statistics ? ● Statistics is one of the source from which Data Science derives its meaning and also the reason for its existence. Statistics in Data Science is majorly used to analyse the huge amounts of data collected. ● Statistics helps in providing meaningful insights through the analysis of raw data, build a Statistical Model and infer or predict the result. Datamites Data Science Courses
  4. 4. Types of Statistical Analysis Quantitative Analysis it involves the analysis and interpretation of the data that are numerical in nature. It is otherwise called as ‘Statistical Analysis’. Qualitative Analysis It is the analysis of those data which are non-numerical in nature. It includes data which are in audio/visual formats. Datamites Data Science Courses
  5. 5. Measures of Central Tendency ➔ There are known to be three important measures of central tendency. ➔ Mean ➔ It is used to find the average of the datasets. ➔ Median ➔ It refers to the value in the middle of a given data set. ➔ Mode ➔ It is the value that is repetitive in the data set, or the most common value. Datamites Data Science Courses
  6. 6. © 2020 DataMites™. All Rights Reserved | Datamites™ THANK YOU If you are looking for data science courses in Pune, please visit, Datamites - Data Science Courses in Pune Cowork Studio, 402,Fourth floor, marigold complex, behind pheniox mall, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

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Two types of Statistical methods are used in analyzing Data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. visit:


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