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2013 q1-the-china-daily-deal-market-report-en


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In Q1, 2013 the top 10 Deal sites take up more than 94.7%
Juhuasuan leads overall.
The leaders in Service deals are Meituan, Dianping, Lashou, 55tuan and Nuomi

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2013 q1-the-china-daily-deal-market-report-en

  1. 1. Dataotuan.comChina Daily Deal Websites2013 Q1Data source: 2013 Jan. 1- Mar. 31Published: May 17, 2013
  2. 2. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Table of Contents Q1, 2013 Highlights Q1, 2013 Market Shares Q1, 2013 Local Service Deals Comparison Q1, 2013 Product Deals Comparison Strengths & Weaknesses of the Top 5 Daily Deal Sites Dataotuan Data Products About Dataotuan Data Specifications
  3. 3. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 20132013 Q1 Key Findings (1)2. China daily deals market trend remains the same. In Q1 2013, the total revenue of local services & product deals was > ¥10.3 billion The Top 10 websites accounted for 94.7% market share. Meituan, Dianping & Lashou stay in the top 3 for local deals’ revenue. Juhuasuan is not only the leader, but the emperor of shopping (product) deals.The revenue of Juhuasuan shopping deals accounted for 62.7%.3. Average discount was stable; Average price and Nr. Sold still increases. Compared to last year, the average discount kept stable. The average price & average nr. sold maintains a slight upward trend.1. The Consolidation continues with the Top 10 taking up 94.7% In the past 4 quarters the top 10 added >10% to their overall market share The nr. 1 and 2, Juhuasuan and Meituan haven’t given up their positions4. Dining was still the most popular category in Q1. Dining accounted for 35.7% and was the most popular category for 2 quarters. Hotpot & Clothing/Footgear were still the most popular subcategories, Local cuisine caught up to become the 3rd popular subcategory in Q1 2013.
  4. 4. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 20132013 Q1 Key Findings (2)4. The strong & weak points of the top 5 Daily Deal sites.Beauty/Massage & Hotpot/BBQ (2 popular service deal categories) werecross-analyzed with the 4 big cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou & Chengdu).The insights for the top 5 daily deal websites are: Dianping, relative to its overall market share, outperforms in all the 4 cities interms of Beauty/Massage & Hotpot/BBQ; Meituan has space to improve for Beauty/Massage in all the 4 big cities; andfor Hotpot/BBQ in Beijing. Lashou and 55tuan are both underperforming in Shanghai, in terms ofBeauty/Massage. Nuomi is doing well in Beijing and Chengdu, but underperforming inGuangzhou in the categories of Beauty/Massage & Hotpot/BBQ.
  5. 5. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Evolvement of Top Sites - Total Market Shares Comparing the total market share of the top 10 and top 5 deal sites by quarterin the past year shows that the Chinese daily deal market is more and moreconcentrated.0.0%20.0%40.0%60.0%80.0%100.0%2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2013 Q1Total market share top 5 sites Total market share top 10 sites
  6. 6. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Evolvement of Top Deal Websites Rankings2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2013 Q112345678910 Comparing the ranking of the top 10 sites in the past year shows: The position of the top 2 (Juhuasuan and Meituan) are solid; Changes are more likely happening among No. 3 to No.6.*** Ftuan & Gaopeng merged in 2013 Q1
  7. 7. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Juhuasuan,33.6%Meituan, 17.8%Dianping, 9.2%Lashou, 8.9%55tuan, 7.8%Nuomi, 5.9%Manzuo, 4.1%Gaopeng, 2.7%Juqi, 2.7%Shangtuan, 2.0%Others, 5.3%2013 Q1 — Market Shares (Service + Product Deals) The top 5 deal sites have 77.3% of the market. The total revenue of local services & product deals was > ¥10.3 billion in 2013 Q1. Juhuasuan leads by far, influenced by its abundance of product deals .
  8. 8. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Dining, 35.7%Shopping, 31.1%Leisure, 14.9%Life, 9.3%Travel, 9.0%2013 Q1 — Categories (revenue) Dining accounts for 35.7% and is the top category. Shopping deals are the 2nd most popular category (31.1%). Leisure follows as the 3rd popular category with 14.9%.2012Q42013Q12012Q42013Q12012Q42013Q12012Q42013Q12012Q42013Q1Average Nr.Sold/Deal 275 276 1159 1234 640 817 117 139 84 99Average Price/Deal 123.6 162.5 154.9 148 88.6 99.1 327.5 289.3 259.5 281.8Average Discount 48% 47% 60% 60% 66% 65% 77% 75% 52% 53%Dining Shopping Leisure Life Travel
  9. 9. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 20132013 Q1 — Local Service Deals Overall Revenue of local service deals (Dining/Leisure/Life) in Q1 is about ¥5.5 billion The Top 10 websites accounted for 96.4%. In terms of total revenue, Meituan has the biggest market share of local servicesdeals (29.8%), followed by Dianping (16.6%) and Lashou (12.6%).Meituan, 29.8%Dianping, 16.6%Lashou, 12.6%55tuan, 12.2%Nuomi, 9.8%Manzuo , 5.4%Juhuasuan, 3.1%Juqi,2.7%Gaopeng, 2.4%Didatuan, 1.8%Others, 3.6%
  10. 10. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 20132013 Q1 — Local Service Deals(2) The average price of a local service deal is 179.7 Rmb The average discount overall is 57%.141 191.3 148.7 236.7 161.8 188.4 337.9 250.4 197.5 194.356%59%55% 55%56% 58%46%60%58%59%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%050100150200250300350Average Price: 179.7 Rmb Average Discount: 57%
  11. 11. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Juhuasuan,62.7%Shuangtuan, 6.5%Lashou, 4.6%Manzuo, 3.4%55tuan, 3.2%Meituan, 2.8%Pingtuan, 2.4%Cobuy, 2.2%Gaopeng, 1.9%Nuomi, 1.8%Juqi, 1.7%Dianping, 1.6%Others, 5.2%2013 Q1 — Product Deals (physical products) In Q1, the revenue of Juhuasuan shopping deals is more than the total revenueof all its competitors combined, & accounts for 62.7% of the Product DealsRevenue.
  12. 12. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 20132013 Q1 — Product Deals (top subcategories) In Q1, Clothing/Footgear was still the most popular subcategory. Home/Furnishings & Electronics were the next popular subcategories.Clothing/FootgearHome/FurnishingsFood/BeveragesElectronicsCosmeticsShopping
  13. 13. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Data help Daily Deal sites to improve Dataotuan has data of the top 40 daily deal sites, in 243 Chinese cities, inmore than 100 industries/subcategories. By cross-analyzing all these data we can indicate the strong and weak spotsfor all of the Daily Deal sites we follow daily.Dataotuan delivers these data and analysis for all the top sites in China.Contact us for more details.In the next 2 slides you can see how the top 5 Daily Deal sites(Local service deals) have weak spots that they can improve on by using data. The 1st slide shows the top sites’ performance, relative to their overall marketshares, in the big cities when it concerns Beauty & Massage deals. The 2nd slide shows that the top sites’ performance, relative totheir overall market shares, when it comes down to Hotpot/BBQ deals Dianping is the only one that has a positive result in all the 4 big cities.
  14. 14. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013A Strength & Weakness Analysis of the top 5 deal sites (Local service deals) inBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu for the category Beauty & Massage. Meituan is, relative to its overall market share, weak in all the 4 big cities. 55tuan and Nuomi have space to improve in Shanghai & Guangzhou. Dianping is strong in all 4 cities, and outstanding in Shanghai – its headquarter. Lashou is doing well in Guangzhou, but underperforming in the other 3 cities.Top 5’s Weakness & Strength (Beauty & Massage)
  15. 15. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013A Strength & Weakness Analysis of the top 5 deal sites (Local service deals) inBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu for the category Hotpot/BBQ. Meituan is, relative to its overall market share, underperforming in Beijing. Lashou and 55tuan are underperforming in Shanghai. Dianping is outperforming in all the 4 cities in terms of Hotpot/BBQ. Nuomi is doing well in Beijing and Chengdu.Top 5’s Weakness & Strength (Hotpot/BBQ)
  16. 16. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 201316About Dataotuan.comDataotuan, the worldwide local e-commerce data & analytics companyCollects & Supplies Daily Deal data from APAC, Europe and Africa
  17. 17. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Data Products - Dashboard17Dataotuan Dashboard is available for clients:Near-live market share data – which deal sites are leading in which categoriesSales Leads – Find high performing merchants with Merchant AnalyticsCompetitive data – where are daily deals sourced
  18. 18. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013A leading Group-buying company, wants to know the deal performance of theircompetitors in Australia, New Zealand and MalaysiaDataotuan delivers Data Dashboard Market share data Category Performance Active merchants info Cleaned, deduplicated raw data Curated for each country18Data Products - Deal Performance
  19. 19. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Data Products – Cut Sales CostDataotuan deliversOne of the leading deal providers in Ireland, wants to cut down on their sales costand help in finding qualified, high performance merchant leads. Merchant deal map Sales force can search& find merchants withproven sales records Deal Map ongoing dealsLive insights performance19
  20. 20. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Data Product – Hedge fund/PE/M&A – ROIDataotuan deliversA US Hedge fund invested in one of the Leading Deal Companies in the USand wants the deal company to include objective 3d party data in their reportingfrom their operations outside the US.A Financial is considering investing but needs unbiased insights in the marketsituation as well as potential. Revenue/Country Competition/Country Revenue Trends Winners & Loosers Risks
  21. 21. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 201321Dataotuan Tracks & Collects in ChinaDataotuan Tracks*Dataotuan adds new Daily Deal websites on a regular basis based on quality and time of existence.Deal TitlePrice (Original, Current, Abs. and % Discount)Number of Sold DealsCategory/Sub CategoryAvailability in TimeCity, District, Latitude/LongitudeWeather & moreDeals & Revenue per DistrictNumber of “real’ active Cities/ProvincesNumber of DealsGross revenue Province,City, District, Category, Sub Cat.243 cities in Mainland China(*)5000 – 10000 new deals every dayDataotuan Collects40 of the main Daily Deal Sites
  22. 22. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 201322Dataotuan Geo CoverageDTT Web & Data availableDTT Data availableDTT will cover soonDataotuan aggregates and analyzes the daily deal markets in Asia - China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia Europe – UK, Ireland, France Oceania - Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Middle East - More countries will follow soon.
  23. 23. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Specifications 1 – Data Definitions All the data have been collected in the period Jan.1 – Mar.31, 2013. Number of deal sites tracked: 40 Number of cities tracked: 243 Definitions: Nr. Deals – number of deals closed with the merchants and launchedon the deal sites. Nr. Sold – total number of times that the consumers bought deals. Revenue: Nr.Sold * Current price (the price the consumer pays) Top Deals – the 500 deals which generated the most revenue. Realestate and car deals are not included in the top deals as they are morelikely to be advertisements instead of the real online shopping deals.
  24. 24. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 2013Specifications 2 - Categories Deals category/subcategory specification by Dataotuan. Local deals – the localized service deals, including dining, leisure and lifeservices. Normally they are only available for consumers from a specific city.Dining Leisure Life Travel Shopping OthersLocal Cuisine Recreation/Games Photography Travel Food/Beverage Lucky drawBuffets Film/Exhibitions Car Maintenance Skin care/Make-up Charity donationDrinks/Dessert Drama/Shows Pet Care HouseholdAsian Food KTV Education Clothing/FootgearWestern Food Sports/Fitness Medical Services Jewelry/AccessoriesHotpot/BBQ Leisure Others Hair/Nail Beauty KidsDining Others Beauty/Massage Electronic ProductsLife OthersShopping Others(Generalvouchers for supermarkets,gasoline station, mobilephone minutes, etc. )
  25. 25. © Dataotuan - – - Q1. 201325 The objective of this report is to offer insights into the Chinese Daily Deal industry. Data are collected from the main Chinese deal websites and offer a reliable indication of the Chinese daily deal market The daily deal websites that unfortunately are not included due to not providing correct data access (api) is In January 2013 qqtuan merged, with ftuan and in New Gaopeng Please contact us if you have any questions/remarks related to this report.Contact DataotuanWe’re happy to help you, please contact us at:Chinese +86 13761796676 Email: wenli@dataotuan.comEnglish +86 13801660890 Email: gemme@dataotuan.comData Products datatuan.comRead more on blog.dataotuan.comFollow us on to our Reports