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Disruptive Innovation

What is Disruptive Innovation and what does it take to be an Entrepreneur.

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Disruptive Innovation

  1. 1. ©DanielAttallah Disruptive Innovation Daniel Attallah, Pixum
  2. 2. ©DanielAttallah What’s does it mean? A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology. (Wikipedia)
  3. 3. ©DanielAttallah Examples for Disruptive Innovation Cars ➜ horse carriages & Railways Telephone ➜ Telegraphy LEDs ➜ Light Bulbs Plastic ➜ Metal, Wood, etc. Smartphones ➜ mobile phones Tablets ➜ PC’s & Laptops CMOS Sensor ➜ photographic film
  4. 4. ©DanielAttallah 1st Wave of Disruptions empowered by the Internet. Google ➜ Advertizing Ebay ➜ Calssified Ads Amazon ➜ Bookshops Email ➜ Snake Mail photobook ➜ silver halid print These ventures created paradigm shifts and disrupted existing industries.
  5. 5. ©DanielAttallah Current disruptions empowered by the net. AirBnB ➜ Hotel Uber ➜ Transportation Spotify ➜ Music buying Netflix ➜ TV Youtube ➜ TV These ventures will create paradigm shifts in existing industries.
  6. 6. ©DanielAttallah Paradigm shift is like this picture. ...most see abstract art. Some see an animal.
  7. 7. ©DanielAttallah In the digital age disruption is faster than before. 1. Moores Law holds true since decades, so disruption in the digital world is fast. 2. Melcalfs Law of “the Critical Mass” holds true and accelerates disruption in digital markets. Thx to Moore & Metcalf technology driven changes occur very rapidly. 1 Internet Year equals 7 years in classic industries.
  8. 8. ©DanielAttallah We are living in exciting times! ● The decades around the distribution of the internet will mark a significant change in history. ● Like in the Renaissance almost all areas of cultural life is influenced/changed by the internet. ● Change is the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs. Go and start your company tomorrow!
  9. 9. ©DanielAttallah Europe needs more Entrepreneurs! “To have a good idea, have a lot of them” Thomas Alpha Edision … so Europe needs a lot of brave Entrepreneurs. ● Your childhood is for small mistakes. ● Your teenie time is for bigger mistakes. ● Your twenties are for failure... …and remember: you don’t fail, you just find ways that won’t work. So go out and fail!
  10. 10. ©DanielAttallah What does it take to innovate? It’s about: Passion, Speed, Patience, Humility, Control, Responsibility, Hard Work, Stick-to-itifenes, Resilience, Attitude and of course some fun.
  11. 11. ©DanielAttallah Here are my golden rules for StartUp entrepreneurs in a digital world.
  12. 12. ©DanielAttallah Burn for it - stick to it.
  13. 13. ©DanielAttallah start small THINK BIG
  14. 14. ©DanielAttallah Success = Quality x Speed2
  15. 15. ©DanielAttallah You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
  16. 16. ©DanielAttallah Spend smart.
  17. 17. ©DanielAttallah To try is a noisier way of not doing it. Or with Yoda’s words: Do, or do not, there is no try.
  18. 18. ©DanielAttallah Good people create good things. Great people create great things. Bad people create...
  19. 19. ©DanielAttallah Smile once a while.
  20. 20. ©DanielAttallah Founders 8 1. Love the thing you do. 2. Think Big but start small. 3. Success = Quality * Speed * Speed 4. Measure & Control. 5. Be thrifty. 6. Do and don’t try. 7. Look for the best people. 8. Have some fun.
  21. 21. ©DanielAttallah Quote from Aristotle We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore Excellence is not an act but a habit.
  22. 22. ©DanielAttallah Q & A Daniel Attallah Founder & CEO Pixum

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What is Disruptive Innovation and what does it take to be an Entrepreneur.


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