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Breakfast roundtable note guide

A simple guide to making the most of breakfast networking events that can advance your business or your career. Use three sections - follow-up items, 'about me,' and then a map of the table with everyone's quick descriptions and needs. Featured in David Berkowitz's Serial Marketer weekly newsletter at

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Breakfast roundtable note guide

  1. 1. Follow-Up Items -Tell Sue you graduated BSU 5 yrs before her -Introduce Elinor to Livia – E needs architect -Qasim new to NYC (Bushwick); send welcome note + tips for Brooklyn -Blog post: when a table looks like a paramecium About Me -12 years experience in media planning -4 dogs, totaling age 122 in dog years (LOL) -Allergic to alpacas (maybe?) -Ask: Procurement leads at established retail brands -Ask 2: Tips for my first fantasy football league -Never traveled south of Mexico (boring) Me (duh) Qasim el Araby – Mailcom – just moved Bushwisck Rob H____, has taco truck Luke (host) – knows EVERYBODY Roundtable Notes Example By David Berkowitz, Serial Marketer ( Shonda ____