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Harriman Steel Creds


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HarrimanSteel's latest credentials presentation

Published in: Design
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Harriman Steel Creds

  2. 2. WHAT WE DOHarrimanSteel started life in 1999 with a clear mission to explore creativity through storytelling and user experiences. Our commitment and focus toward this vision remains strong to this day.We are a team of creatively driven, thinkers, designers and strategists based in Shoreditch, London. We believe in collaborative partnerships with inspiring clients that are passionate about their product and customers.We pride ourselves on being great listeners and delivering solutions, with style, craft and passion. BRILLIANT IDEAS
  4. 4. WHAT WE DOHarrimanSteel combines strategic thinking, crafted design, storytelling and technology to build engaging ideas across multiple platforms. ON-LINE / MOBILE ADVERTISING BRANDING DIGITAL PLATFORMSCOMMERCIALS / VIRAL EVENTS RETAIL / ENVIRONMENT CONTENT BRILLIANT IDEAS
  5. 5. HOW WE DO ITWe work in an open and collaborative way with clients. For us, every job isdifferent therefore, we do not enter into work with preconceived objectives and solutions. We have an open approach to creativity that frees processes and thinkingthat allows us to explore communication in all forms that will connect your product to your audience. BRILLIANT IDEAS
  8. 8. NIKE CEE CASE STUDY Challenge HarrimanSteel was briefed by Nike to deliver a consumer facing campaign for the cities of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) around the 40th Anniversary of the Cortez. Solution Within the CEE, the consumer experiences Nike as a performance brand. Our key objective was to introduce this audience to Nike Sportswear (NSW)To earn the right to talk to the audience, we aligned our thoughts to the Nike Race Season and developed a campaign that harnessed the energy that led up to the event. We called the campaign Not for TouristsAt the heart of the idea was a customised VW van. It was driven around the city and stopped at secret locations. Clues were seeded on social media platforms to find it. The van contained interactive experiences and product trialling.All the content was documented and resulted book, entitled Not For Tourists, an underground guide to the city To package this idea, HarrimanSteel created the VC, which included a set of guidelines and art-directed imagery. Results In Poland in just two days we had 1.5k followers on FB, the first event had a turnout of 300+. BRILLIANT IDEAS
  9. 9. NIKE CEE CASE STUDY Strategy / Branding / Art Direction / GuidelinesCopywriting / Retail / Legacy Guide / Fully Integrated Campaign 360º BRILLIANT IDEAS
  11. 11. CASIO CASE STUDY Challenge To reset the retail experience for the Casio timepiece division.To redefine: G-SHOCK PREMIUM, BABY-G PREMIUM, EDIFICE, SHEEN and PRO TREK. To include owned stores, concessions to B & C class jewellers and trustees. Solution We created a flagship store in Covent Garden, London. A template that will be rolled out across other territories. e.g. Tokyo, Berlin, Paris. Each watch brand is now represented by a clearly defined material and finish. In addition, the solution we took advantage of other Casio technologies within the store. Results Conversion Rates within the first month of opening were well above target. John Ryan’s ‘Store of the Week’, Retail Week.Extensive coverage across press titles and blogs including Grazia, i, Men’s Health, Esquire, Square Meal Lifestyle, Stylist, MWB, The Times Magazine, Evening Standard Digital,,, and BRILLIANT IDEAS
  12. 12. CASIO CASE STUDYStrategy / Branding / Production / Retail Design & Build BRILLIANT IDEAS
  14. 14. DMAX ITALIA CASE STUDY Challenge DMAX Italia wanted a new type of TV experience for it’s audience to coincide with the country turning digital.Create a bold, innovative, vibrant identity and on screen presence true to the channel content. Solution DMAX Italia is 100% factual. The new channel branding appeals directly to mens innate curiosity of how things work and function. We constructed 4 ‘Cause & Effect’ machines, each highlighting DMAX’s 4 major programming strands. Results The launch has been incredibly well received, by the network, on social media platforms and in the press. BRILLIANT IDEAS
  15. 15. DMAX ITALIA CASE STUDYStrategy / Branding / Production / On & Off-Air Communications BRILLIANT IDEAS
  17. 17. NIKE WIZE? CASE STUDY Challenge We were briefed to build a digital brand experience platform for Nike’s wholesaler accounts that established a meaningful, destination for their consumers. Solution We built an application that works on both mobile and desktop platforms and is hosted within the a wholesaler website. It acts as a hub and gives the users access to a 360° view of Nike product content, product release information, insights, history, heritage and innovation. Through out the journey, hyperlinks drive consumers direct to purchase as well as there being direct links to social media. The first realisation of this concept was with the wholesaler, Size? We called it “Wize?” It has, a fully updatable CMS, that allows the account to edit, upload and update regularly - making Wize? a living, breathing, ever changing piece of digital communication. ResultsIn the 9 months since launch, Wize? has received over 50K unique visitors with over 60K visits. The audience that uses Wize? is truly global with over 48% from the USA. BRILLIANT IDEAS
  18. 18. NIKE WIZE? CASE STUDYStrategy / Digital Production / Content Generation BRILLIANT IDEAS
  20. 20. D-DIESELGlobal Launch Campaign for Denim Division BRILLIANT IDEAS
  21. 21. HOUSE OF FRASER_BIBA AW10Press & poster launch campaign ATL | Retail | Collateral BRILLIANT IDEAS
  22. 22. HOUSE OF FRASER_BIBA AW10 Press & poster campaign ATL | Retail | Collateral BRILLIANT IDEAS
  23. 23. FIRETRAP_GLOBAL ADVERTISEMENT SS09 Press & poster campaign | Retail | Collateral BRILLIANT IDEAS
  24. 24. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR_SPRING SUMMER 2012 Art Direction | Animated gifs | Campaign Logo BRILLIANT IDEAS
  25. 25. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR_SPRING SUMMER 2012 Art Direction | Animated gifs | Campaign Logo BRILLIANT IDEAS
  26. 26. NIKE_SELFRIDGES TENNIS CAMPAIGNDigital & Social Media Strategy | Art Direction | Campaign Creative | Digital Creative BRILLIANT IDEAS
  27. 27. NIKE_SELFRIDGES TENNIS CAMPAIGNDigital & Social Media Strategy | Art Direction | Campaign Creative | Digital Creative BRILLIANT IDEAS
  28. 28. HOUSE OF FRASER_LABEL LAB Launch Campaign for Label Lab ALT | Viral | Social BRILLIANT IDEAS
  29. 29. HOUSE OF FRASER_LABEL LAB Launch Campaign for Label Lab ALT | Viral | Social BRILLIANT IDEAS
  31. 31. CACHAREL_POP-UP SHOP Retail Launch for Vintage Collection in Paris BRILLIANT IDEAS
  32. 32. EXPERIENCE OVERVIEW Client: Bench Client: Eley Kishimoto Client: Nike CEEExperience: Germany, UK, Canada Experience: Far East & UK Experience: Central & Eastern Europe Role: Advertising campaign Role: Brand Positioning Role: Strategy Strategy Brand Guardians Digital Art Direction / Design Strategy Retail Retail assets & production Identity Exhibition / Event Communications Art Direction Digital Design Client: CacharelExperience: France & UK Role: Retail Concept & Production Client: Firetrap Client: Tia Maria Experience: Global Experience: Global Role: Advertising campaign Role: Strategy Client: Casio Strategy TVExperience: Global Art Direction / Design Production Role: Global Flagship Store Retail assets & production Strategy Branding / Identity Client: Triumph Retail roll-out Client: Kipling Experience: Global Digital / Interactive Experience: UK and France Role: Brand Guardians Role: Strategy Brand Repositioning Art Direction / Design Strategy Client: Converse ExperiencalExperience: UK Retail launch & production Role: Retail Concept and Production Digital and social media Client: Nike Foundation/Girl Hub Digital and Social Media Experience: Global Role: Brand Guidelines Client: Louis Vuitton Art Direction Experience: Global Copywriting Client: Diesel Role: Global Brand Films ToneExperience: Global Strategy Role: Advertising campaign Production Strategy Digital Art Direction / Design BRILLIANT IDEAS
  33. 33. WHAT WE OFFER YOU A personal service that is bespoke and made up of strategic and creative thinkers. A collaborative development process that involve all of us working together to create compelling solutions.A insightful piece of content that is human, honest, tactile and believable. An innovative idea that explores media, technology and social communication platforms in innovative and surprising ways. BRILLIANT IDEAS
  34. 34. WHAT PEOPLE SAY “I put HS onto our agency roster in 2003. It was their combination of traditional advertising experiences and ability to concept with a refreshing ability to want to work in a media neutral environment. And thiswas a few years before the “big idea” rush of the last couple of years. Since they started working with us HShave delivered exceptionally well in a variety of different mediums and always with a professionalism and collaborative M.O. which made picking-up the phone or meetings with the team a true pleasure. Theirwork on all projects has been of the highest quality but Run London is for me the standout. They made a very good idea come alive for our consumers and the results spoke for themselves, that’s why they still continue to be an integral part of our team” Jack Gold Nike Inc - Director of Brand Connections, The Americas“BBC Learning produces multi-platform campaigns across TV, web, print and events. The joy of workingwith HarrimanSteel is that they work confidently across all these platforms, bringing energy and creative direction with a collaborative approach.” Steve Goggin, Campaign Manager, BBC Learning “I was delighted with the originality and simplicity of HarrimanSteel’s approach. They have created an invaluable kit of parts and a magical and uplifting world of shared enjoyment.” Tom Lucas, UKTV Watch, Director of Marketing and Communications BRILLIANT IDEAS
  35. 35. WHAT PEOPLE SAY “I will continue to work with HarrimanSteel as their flexibility, creativity, uniqueness and strategic approach will lend itself to any brand that needs a new way of thinking for the future.” Joanne Birkitt, UK Marketing Manager, CCE, Coca Cola Enterprises Overall it’s been very positive and the best amplify activity we’ve done, and I’ve seen done for a while.It feels genuinely connected to the street/youth culture of Warsaw which is good when Reebok Classics and Adi Originals are present. It also makes running feel very cool and it’s allowed us to track down an Alpha group of runners (DJs and artists) that we are thinking of creating a running club around.” Philip Jacobson, Poland Brand Communications Manager, Nike CEE BRILLIANT IDEAS
  36. 36. CONTACT 2 Academy Buildings Fanshaw Street London, n1 6lq +44 (0) 20 7324 7530 Nick SteelFounder / Creative +44 (0)7887 691375Julian Harriman-DickinsonFounder / Creative +44 (0)7887 946358 Laura Morris Senior Account +44 (0)7595 020605 BRILLIANT IDEAS