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Building a bot for your website


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At Build 2016 Conference Microsoft announced a new Framework to easily start building and connecting intelligent bots to interact with your users naturally wherever they are, from text/sms to Skype, Slack, Office 365 mail and other popular services.

On this session I’ll give an introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework and how to connect conversation with actions by using webhook integrations.

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Building a bot for your website

  1. 1. #DNNConnect2016 Building a Bot for your website using the new Microsoft Bot Framework David Rodriguez DNN Corp @davidjrh Joe Brinkman DNN Corp @jbrinkman
  2. 2. #DNNConnect2016 Please support our valuable sponsors
  3. 3. #DNNConnect2016 On this session • How do you make a bot? • How do you make a bot great?
  4. 4. #DNNConnect2016 DEMO My first DNN Bot
  5. 5. #DNNConnect2016 Bot Framework is a Microsoft-operated service and an SDK. Bot Framework Bot Framework is one of many tools Microsoft offers for building a complete bot. Others include: LUIS, Speech APIs, Azure, more
  6. 6. #DNNConnect2016 Bot Framework Overview
  7. 7. #DNNConnect2016 Your conversation logic Logic Web service Your bot LUIS
  8. 8. #DNNConnect2016 Bot Connector Your bot
  9. 9. #DNNConnect2016 Bot Connector messages Your bot { "type": "Message", "id": "68YrxgtB53Y", "conversationId": "DphPaFQrDuZDKyCez4AFGcT4vy5aQDje1lLGIjB8v18MFtb", "language": "en", "text": "You can say "/order" to order!", "attachments": [ ], "from": { "name": "+12065551212", "channelId": "sms", "address": "+12065551212", "id": "Ro52hKN287", "isBot": false }, "channelData": { SMS data here }, "botUserData": { your data here }, ... } Bot Connector
  10. 10. #DNNConnect2016 Bot Builder SDKs C# and Node.js • Dialogs to model a conversation • Dialogs are reusable • Conversations are scalable to multiple machines • Dialog state is persisted in Bot Connector (per-user, per-session, per-user+session) • Type of Dialogs: • Built-in prompts • Yes/No, String, Number, Choices • Natural language understanding (LUIS) • Form slot filling (branching, disambiguation, multi-turn) • Profile (e.g. home address)
  11. 11. #DNNConnect2016 DEMO Creating a bot from the Visual Studio template Creating a bot as a DNN module using the Bot FX
  12. 12. #DNNConnect2016 Connecting the bot with the world
  13. 13. #DNNConnect2016 Connecting the bot with the world
  14. 14. #DNNConnect2016 Connecting the bot with the world
  15. 15. #DNNConnect2016 Connecting the bot with the world
  16. 16. #DNNConnect2016 DEMO Making a great bot: LUIS support
  17. 17. #DNNConnect2016
  18. 18. #DNNConnect2016 Bots talking to other Bots?
  19. 19. #DNNConnect2016 Questions? Please remember to evaluate the session online Thank you