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Dave Keuning and Vistage in Hawaii


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Being a CEO can be a pretty lonely job. Here is my story of how I connected with other leaders in Honolulu to create a CEO peer group.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Dave Keuning and Vistage in Hawaii

  1. Vistage in HawaiiThe launch of a peer group inHonolulu, Hawaii.
  2. Hi!Vistage in Hawaii
  3. I’m DaveKeuning.Vistage in Hawaii
  4. I’m aformerCEO from…Vistage in Hawaii
  5. …Honolulu.Vistage in Hawaii
  6. In 2006 I movedmy family tostart a softwarecompany in…Vistage in Hawaii
  7. Vistage in Hawaii…Japan
  8. Multi-million dollar businessI had…Vistage in Hawaii
  9. Multi-million dollar business60% per year growthI had…Vistage in Hawaii
  10. Multi-million dollar business60% per year growthGreat profitabilityI had…Vistage in Hawaii
  11. Vistage in Hawaii…but…
  12. …it was really hard!Vistage in Hawaii
  13. …it was really hard!Wow, thisis reallyhard.Vistage in Hawaii
  14. Every stepwas astruggle.Vistage in Hawaii
  15. I keptthinking…Vistage in Hawaii
  16. Vistage in Hawaii
  17. Vistage in Hawaii
  18. Vistage in Hawaii
  19. That’s whensomeonesuggested Italk withother CEO’s.Vistage in Hawaii
  20. What agreatidea!..a CEOpeergroup!Vistage in Hawaii
  21. I discovered Vistage...Vistage in Hawaii
  22. (Vistage organizesCEO peer groups.)Vistage in Hawaii
  23. But thereweren’tany inJapan.Vistage in Hawaii
  24. So Istartedmy own.Vistage in Hawaii
  25. Thensomethingterriblehappened.Vistage in Hawaii
  26. First this… Then this… Then this…Earthquake Tidal Wave FukushimaVistage in Hawaii
  27. I decided to move hometo Hawaii.Vistage in Hawaii
  28. I decided to move hometo Hawaii.Bye-bye,software company.Bye-bye,peer group.Hello,Honolulu.Vistage in Hawaii
  29. I liked it somuch, Idecided tokeep theCEO peer groupidea.Vistage in HawaiiRebootinHonolulu!
  30. Vistage in HawaiiWhy a CEO peer group?
  31. Unbiased feedback froma group of your peers.Vistage in Hawaii
  32. …they have no axe to grind.Vistage in Hawaii
  33. Vistage helps Honolulu CEO’sVistage in HawaiiBecome better leadersMake better decisionsGet better results
  34. Peer advisory board.Work on your business. Not in your business.Vistage in Hawaii
  35. Expert workshopsContinuing education for you and your staff.Vistage in Hawaii
  36. Vistage in HawaiiDave is a true leader: dynamic, passionate and visionary. Tothis, he adds amazing creativity. Most of all, Dave exudesoptimism and a sense that hes going to make a positivedifference in the world, right now. His attitude is infectiousand it is tremendous fun to work with Dave.Dave has very thoughtfuland creative out-of-the-boxthinking. He has helped metremendously to manage mybusiness. I recommend Daveto anyone who wants orneeds help with theirbusiness. Sometimes asbusiness owners we arefaced with many issues andit is good to have a soundingboard which Dave providesin a way that allows you toutilize his suggestions.Signe GodfreyPresident/Owner Olsten Staffingand Executive Search ServicesDavid has been veryhelpful in our business.He has helpedtremendously inimproving ourprocesses, managementdecisions, keepingeveryone accountable.Ryan WadaPresident at Quality General“David operates with total integrity toward all of those around him - clients, employees, and stakeholders.”
  37. • Passionate about growing yourbusiness?• Green and growing?(Not ripe and rotting!)• Willing to be held accountable?Vistage in HawaiiAs a CEO are you…
  38. Then connect withDave on..Vistage in HawaiiTwitterEmailLinkedIn
  39. Please(And share with a CEO you love!)Vistage in Hawaii
  40. Results.Impact.Growth.Vistage in Hawaii