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2013 Analyst Value Index pre-launch event


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On November 14, Duncan Chapple and Ian Scott launched the Analyst Value Index to an audience of around a dozen of the world's largest IT, telecoms and services firm. Scott, an expert social and market researcher, has combined the data from the Analyst Value Survey into an index that shows which firms are delivering the most value to their clients. In a separate Trajectory study, he also shows which firms are rising fastest.

Scott and Chapple are now preparing custom analysis to help analyst firms understand how users see their value proposition, and to benchmark against other analyst firms.

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2013 Analyst Value Index pre-launch event

  1. 1. ANALYST VALUE INDEX Pre-launch webinar, November 2013 Why Gartner, HfS, NelsonHall and Forrester deliver the most value
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS DUNCAN CHAPPLE IAN SCOTT Managing Director Research Consultant Former analyst Duncan Chapple has directed the Analyst Value Survey since 2000. It is the only longitudinal survey of users of analyst research. Experienced market and social researcher Ian Scott provides influencer modeling, segmentations, and key driver analytics.
  3. 3. 352 RESPONSES IN SEPT (2012: 175)