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Ppt dipti


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Ppt dipti

  2. 2. Aim:-To recognize“contributor qualities” in action, and understand why contributors are wanted after by all who work with them,
  3. 3. WHO IS A CONTRIBUTER?  Contributor is one who has an ability & characteristics like creation,innovation,humanity etc...  Contributor has an ability to creat value for self,for family,for team,for society,for organization......  Contribution has capacity to design solution....
  4. 4. I went to meet Mr.Dhirubhai Patel then I tell him about my self. I am Dipti Patel. I am studying in GEC Bhavnagar in 7th sem EC department. I want to take your interview for my cpd project.
  5. 5. Mr.Dhirubhai Patel(head cashier of central bank of india)  Before starting the interview we have investigated about the bank of him where he is working.  The bank is in very good area and people working with him are also good.  Mr.Patel is working from 1986 in the bank.
  6. 6. His Story  Bron on 15/3/1962 at Bilimora.  He is completed the graduation and he will passed in bank exam with his own work and density.  His first job in anjar,katch bhuj on 17/11/1986.  After four years his job transfer in surat as a clerk on august,1990.  After long time his job transfer in near at amlasad on 2005 and there he works in 5 year at central bank of india amlasad.  After then he get a bid promotion in head cashier of bank on central bank of india on 2010 in bilimora.  He have completed 28 years experiencein central bank of india.
  7. 7.  Mr. Patel is very patient and humble.  He is helpful to the customers and talks with them very calmly.  During our survey, we got to know that Mr. Patel often works after office hours.  He always values and acts his colleagues.
  8. 8. Why Is He A Contributor?? At the end of our survey and interview we can say that Mr. Patel is a contributor because:-  He is kind and humble.  Supports and fights for the right.  He has a dynamic personality.
  9. 9. Conclusion  It’s not difficult to be a contributor.  We should come out of our comfort zone and go and explore new paths.  We should help the needy.  We should not be selfish and be patient.
  10. 10. THANK YOU.....