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SEO For Developers


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SEO Basics
How search engines work
SEO myths
Developers and SEO
Tips and Tricks for Developers

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SEO For Developers

  1. 1. Nikhil Raj R Senior Engineer – SEO Alamy Images India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. How do you navigate the web? GOOGLE
  3. 3. How Search Engines Work 1. Query 2. Categorization* *=Relevancy 3. Matching documents 4. Results*
  4. 4. Is that all? It starts even before you type in Google.  DISCOVER and ORGANIZE documents.
  5. 5. Main Parts of a Search Engine • Crawler (Google’s web crawler is called Googlebot) • Index • Algorithm
  6. 6. CrawlingGoogle Search Console (GSC) Log file Analyzers
  7. 7. Index Also use Sitemaps in GSC
  8. 8. Our job is to do everything possible to make sure the search engine is able to accurately assess whether the page will fulfill the user’s request. Why should I care?
  9. 9. Why should I care?
  10. 10. SEO for Developers How to make sure that I lose my job
  11. 11. URL Which is better? /web-design: Google sees the words web, design, web design, design web /web_design: Google sees webdesign Hyphens are preferred.
  12. 12. URL - Guidelines Choose your hostname 301 301 Set rules for the URL path 301 301
  13. 13. /Robots.txt Internal Search Disallow: /search.html Crawl Optimization
  14. 14. XML Sitemaps
  15. 15. Schema / Structured Data •Sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex •Improves search experience
  16. 16. Schema Logo schema Site Search schema Social profiles schema To debug use Google Structured Data testing tool
  17. 17. Site Speed •Site speed is a ranking factor •Reduces bounce rate •Increases conversions
  18. 18. Responsive Design • My website is not yet ready for mobile because I am limited by the technology I have • I don't need a mobile optimization strategy Mobile friendly Update “Mobilegeddon”
  19. 19. How a user sees the page What Google see! Images
  20. 20. Image Ranking Factors • Alt attribute. • Image File Name. (Instead of banner1.jpg use seo-for- developers.jpg) • Text surrounding the image. • Importance of the Page where the image is placed.
  21. 21. SEO Myths What I thought: Google uses Google Analytics data in its algorithm What I learnt: Google Doesn’t Use Google Analytics data in its algorithm Data from
  22. 22. SEO Myths What I thought: A lot of 404s can cause a Google penalty. What I learnt: 404 Error Pages Do Not Cause a Google Penalty
  23. 23. SEO Myths What I thought: Google cannot crawl and index Javascript. Disallow: *.css Disallow: *.js Remove What I learnt: Google CAN crawl and index Javascript. Use Fetch and Render in Google Search Console
  24. 24. Questions ?
  25. 25. Love your users. Make a great website that is easier to navigate, loads faster, has useful content. Follow the webmaster guidelines from Google. Traffic and Rankings will follow. Thank You