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Derek jones technology in rehab nov 2015

Invited presentation delivered at the "Joint Conference" bringing together BABICM, CMSUK & VRA at the East Midlands Conference Centre, 12-13 November

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Derek jones technology in rehab nov 2015

  1. 1. Technology in Rehabilitation Creative Force or Expensive Waste Derek Jones PhD, MBA Director - Fixxl Ltd and Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd
  2. 2. Creative Force or Expensive Waste Can be either …But is it ALL about the Technology?
  3. 3. Bringing technology to life
  4. 4. Goal ChoicesResults
  5. 5. Goal ChoicesResults Attitude/BeliefsDesire/Motive Resourcing
  6. 6. Attitude/BeliefsDesire/Motive Resourcing
  7. 7. Goal ChoicesResults Attitude/BeliefsDesire/Motive Resourcing
  8. 8. Goal Knowledge ExperiencePersistence Attitude/Belief Innovation Systems Processes Technology
  9. 9. Does the world need a better Wheelchair?
  10. 10. Wheelchair waiting times 1.2 m UK users 70% Wait more than 3 months 30% Wait more than 6 months 15% Wait more than 12 months Pressure Sores - 50% of users Huge economic impact of delay
  11. 11. Better Goal?- Children into an appropriate chair within a day
  12. 12. We need better goals SOMETIMES.. Wishing for new technology is not enough
  13. 13. Goal Knowledge Experience Technology Persistence Attitude/Belief Innovation Systems Processes
  14. 14. Rehabilitation Goal Setting “Who, will do what, under what conditions, how well and by when”
  15. 15. Rehabilitation Goal Setting “Who, will do what, under what conditions, how well and by when” The Who of the Goal should always be the patient
  16. 16. Goal Achievement • Patient’s ability to achieve their goals? • Clinicians ability to predict outcome? • Commitment of Resources
  17. 17. Goal Knowledge Experience Technology Persistence Attitude/Belief
  18. 18. Christine
  19. 19. Short Movie
  20. 20. Goal Knowledge Experience Technology Persistence Attitude/Belief in the shadow of the Goal
  21. 21. Technological Convergence
  22. 22. “New” Medicine Robotics Convergence Wireless Sensors Genomics Imaging Information Systems Computing Power ‘Big’ Data Social Networking Internet Mobile Connectivity & Bandwidth
  23. 23. –Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google “… the power of individual targeting provided by technology will be so good that it will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that has not in some sense been tailored for them…”
  24. 24. Redundancy & Abundance Spontaneous Recovery? Compensation? Neuroplastic Mechanisms? Stimulated/trained Recovery? Technology can be used to IDENTIFY status, generate RECOVERY and/or provide COMPENSATION
  25. 25. Indego Rex Bionics ReWalk Ekso Bionics
  26. 26. The Commercial R&D Game Invention Adoption Diffusion
  27. 27. Addressable Markets Military Load Carry Infantry Tool Industrial Load Carry Safety Tool Holding Consumer Elderly Recreational Performance Training Medical Rehab Device Assistive Device
  28. 28. SERVICE INNOVATION Because No One Will Care About Your Technology Short Product Life Commoditisation Copying Low ROI
  29. 29. Tek RMD - Robotic Mobilisation Device
  30. 30. Unexpected Consequences
  31. 31. Negative Impact on Fitness Limited Function High Cost Investment Brings Awareness People Learn to Believe
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Technology should “Emerge from the Shadow” of a goal Technology is always a creative force but it needs to be directed effectively Whether it is wasted is down to us
  35. 35. Tiny decisions When you look back at your life, the most momentous changes came about because you made a series of small decisions. These added up to create the life you have now. Those small decisions have more effect than the “huge” choices you made. Life is chaos in action - there are no ordinary moments
  36. 36. Derek Jones PhD MBA Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd - Masters of Rehabilitation Engineering Fixxl Ltd - Bringing Technology to Life