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Productive Networking When it Feels Like a Challenge

Do you find networking difficult? Many of us do. It might not be obvious why but we get a sinking feeling just at the thought of networking with others. We can see that it's something we should work at because we know that the benefits are waiting for us if only...
The barriers to our enjoyment of networking are constructed in our imagination and can dissolve if we choose to use our imagination constructively for a change. Reflect on the benefits that can flow from paying attention to this topic. The presentation looks at some reasons to treat getting better at this as a great investment.

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Productive Networking When it Feels Like a Challenge

  1. 1. Productive Networking Creating Relationship Capital When Networking Feels Like a Challenge Derek Jones Reality is built from ideas - but Most people have that backwards Richard Bandler
  2. 2. Benefits of Your Network Information Ideas Opportunities Financial Capital Power & Influence Emotional Support Goodwill Cooperation & Trust MORE FUN!! You Know You Want to.. You Know You Should..
  3. 3. But Many Feel There are Barriers to Networking The Myth of Individuality Conditioned Behaviour Lack of Trust in Others Attitudes & Beliefs Ethics Don’t Know How! It Just Feels Uncomfortable It May Feel Difficult.. Be - cause ..of
  4. 4. The Barriers To Progress May Seem Great.. But they are really “wafer thin” and they are just based on a personal view of the world that is holding you back. Just noticing and acknowledging this is enough to start a process of positive change if you have the desire
  5. 5. “State” Management Adopt a Higher Performance “State of Mind” •The State or Mind Set You Need Changes With the Situation but Must be Authentic •Starts With Self-Awareness •People Can Sense What You Stand For •Your “State” Absolutely Determines your Behaviour •Your Behaviour Impacts on Your Results
  6. 6. Assumptions about our value shape our thoughts and can help or hinder our desire to reach out to others All my life I wanted to be someone.. I guess I should have been more specific
  7. 7. Wake up and smell the roses the clearer you are about who you are, what you want, what you have to offer.. and the more you like yourself, the easier it will be to develop your network
  8. 8. Selling Yourself The 4S Pitch Keep it.. Simple - How would you describe yourself in a few words? Singular - Being unique Sincere - From the Heart! Symbolic - Tell as a story
  9. 9. Think about “Brand You” What is it you stand for? Craft your 8 word personal position statement Notice if you tend to hallucinate things like.. “they can see straight through me to the sham of a human being I really am” ..and find that its not true.
  10. 10. You Need Motivation and this comes from within.. Find Your Reason to Act
  11. 11. Here is my reason..
  12. 12. A Wise Man Asked “What do you have left when all of your money is gone”
  13. 13. Your self-belief.. Your network.. YOUR RELATIONSHIPS
  14. 14. Your Relationships are a Source of Wealth Relationship Capital
  15. 15. Relationships are what you have left when all your money is gone in 1990 • $3.5 Billion in Business Debt • $900 Million in Personal Debt in 2005 • Net Worth of + $2.7 Billion What makes a man wealthy? Real wealth is.. not how much money you have.
  16. 16. Your Best Contacts? Jot down the names of your 10 best contacts
  17. 17. When You Really Think About it.. “Best” is a meaningless term in thinking of your contacts. We can’t judge them. It’s situation dependent. We don’t know who they know! So Think of the 10 People You Often Turn to or Associate With
  18. 18. Network Analysis Notice what type of “groups” your 10 contacts belong to - are they all family? in your town? in your industry? Draw yourself in the centre Draw the 10 around you Connect those that know each other with lines on the drawing
  19. 19. Network Analysis if all your ten know each other you have a “Closed” network. If non of your ten know each other you have an “open” network Remember that it’s the connections of your connections that often make the difference
  20. 20. Strength of Weak Ties Close friends in a closed network might be motivated to help - but often only have similar information and ideas Friends of friends may not be as motivated to help - but will often do so because it is not costly for them & sources of information are different & diverse
  21. 21. Network Goals •Size of your Network Matters but not in an ABSOLUTE Sense- Effective size is what counts •Density of your Network - ideally Entrepreneurial and Open rather than Closed •Focus - Work, Family, Global? Strive for a mix •Is the Network Diversity High? - What Gender, Age, Location, Educational background?
  22. 22. It’s called Relationship Capital Because you Build it Up over Time by Being Willing to Give
  23. 23. Don’t forget though.. For there to be Givers There must also be Receivers It’s OK to Receive! Life Cycle
  24. 24. Steps to Mastery Build your network before you need it Reciprocity Check your Intention - Who Cares Wins! Embrace Novelty & Variety in your Network Can Never Know Who Counts Be Impeccable With Your Word Less Technique - More Caring What can I do now?