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YouBike instructional video

Anatomical Concepts are pleaed to be working with the YouBike™ - the world’s first cardiovascular exercise bike which has been specifically designed to be used on a bed. Being a multi purpose bike, it may also be floor mounted and used with or without a wheelchair to exercise the arms and legs.

Originally designed for exercise following a spinal cord injury, we can all easily imagine the YouBike™ being used by persons recovering from a stroke or managing conditions such as MS or Parkinsons. Any person in bed and requiring active exercise can benefit. The hand cranks are connected to the foot cranks via a direct drive belt. This enables the users arms to exercise their legs in a cyclic manner - or vice versa. It’s a very nicely designed piece of equipment that complements very well our RehaMove FES Cycling technology range. Not everyone can afford to take the plunge with active FES exercise and YouBike™ might just allow a few more to enjoy exercise and maintain and improve cardiovascular fitness.

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