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Flutter - a competitive advantage in app development


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Flutter is the superhero of app building software. It’s used for top companies including Google, Groupon, Hamilton, and Capital One — and for good reason: you can create apps of the same scale and quality as native Android or native IOS across multiple platforms (Android, iOS, desktop, Web, etc.) from a single codebase.

But wait, there’s more... Not only does it drastically cut time in half by eliminating redundancies in cross-platform app creation, but building apps with Flutter is also just faster than building the same app natively. Flutter streamlines the process from start to finish for your entire team; from project management to design and more.

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Flutter - a competitive advantage in app development

  2. 2. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Mobile, Desktop and Web apps from a single codebaseFlutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively-compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase.
  3. 3. Flutter: one of tech’s hottest trends Interest in Flutter and Dart is exploding
  4. 4. Flutter is a UI engine that runs apps on any screen Dart compiles to native code Flutter communicates with target platforms without a bridge (a drawback of React Native) Flutter finally solves multi-platform
  5. 5. A single codebase for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and Web apps Enhanced developer productivity Reduced and streamlined support processes (e.g., design, PM, QA, etc.) Do more, faster, with less Flutter provides >2x productivity gains
  6. 6. Callout copy here? Flutter: a super power for dev teams Building a Flutter app can be faster than building the same app natively Stateful hot reload eliminates lost time waiting to compile Excellent tooling, IDEs and CI/CD pipelines. Robust testing support (unit, widget and integration test runners
  7. 7. Top companies run Flutter in production Ready for production at high scale
  8. 8. NYC-based technology studio and globally recognized leader in Flutter, iOS, Android and API development.