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What is Flutter Capable of?


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From consumer mobile apps, like our Hamilton app, to web puzzle games, such as our New York Times Kenken app (see our work here) Flutter’s powers know no end. Throughout its existence, we’ve also seen it build business mobile apps, desktop applications, 2D games, Chrome extensions, apps for assistant devices, and computer-generated art.

So, if you’re ready for a creative solution that lets you do all the things when it comes to app development, you’re ready for Flutter’s full power. What will you make with Flutter?

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What is Flutter Capable of?

  2. 2. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively-compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase.
  3. 3. Flutter allows development teams to create apps for any screen.
  4. 4. DO MORE & SPEND LESS iOS & Android from a single codebase
  5. 5. Desktop apps from the same single codebase Source:
  6. 6. Web apps from the same single codebase
  7. 7. What can be created with Flutter?
  8. 8. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Consumer Mobile Apps
  9. 9. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Business Mobile Apps
  10. 10. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Desktop Applications (e.g., Presentation App)
  11. 11. DO MORE & SPEND LESS 2-D Games Source:
  12. 12. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Web Puzzle Games
  13. 13. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Chrome Extensions Source:
  14. 14. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Apps for Assistant Devices
  15. 15. DO MORE & SPEND LESS Computer Generated Art Source:
  16. 16. What will you make with Flutter?
  17. 17. NYC-based technology studio and globally recognized leader in Flutter, iOS, Android and API development.