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RB Mavericks Case Challenge Entry


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This is an entry for the RB Mavericks Case Challenge 2014. It talks about developing the sexual well being category by developing twitter personalities.

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RB Mavericks Case Challenge Entry

  1. 1. Devansh Doshi Indian Institute of Foreign Trade 4th Trimester, MBA (IB)
  2. 2. The big idea! That will help build the sexual well being category As they say that marketing to the youth is all about capturing the state of mind. The big idea is to create two brand ambassadors for Durex that will be a reflection of todays youth and their lives, habits, complexities, worries, and aspirations Meet the Going Girl  She is from Odisha and currently works with an NGO in Bangalore. She travels to villages to conduct workshops on sex education.  She is bold and open to talk about sex.  She is in a stable relationship.  She is not conventionally beautiful and represents the new age ambitious girl.  She got interested in Kamasutra and now wants to bring back the time when sex wasn’t a taboo in India. Meet the Cuddly Guy  He is from Jaipur and working in IT at Mumbai. He wants to be an entrepreneur.  He is one of the new age metrosexual men who spends on cosmetics and cloths. This way he is trying to be attractive and comfortable with his body.  He has his own philosophy on sex and reads about the culture of sex in India and other countries.  He is currently trying for a girl.  He is totally into Hollywood and follows football. Once connected with the youth, these will then serve as brand ambassadors for Durex and help the brand in all future promotions, online and offline, to develop the sexual well being category in India. The idea is to make these two personalities write a weekly column in Hindustan Times where they will share their experiences and thoughts on the topic of sex. Besides these personalities will be active on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. They will share their life events and thoughts. Creative hashtags will be used to discuss their views on sex.
  3. 3. The Personality Description Life •24 years old from Odisha •Works for an NGO in Bangalore •Travels to villages and small towns to conduct workshops on sex education •In a stable relationship since five years Physical Attributes •Wheatish complexion and 5’3’’ tall •Not thin, has some flab around the waist Attitude towards Sex •Likes adult jokes •Talks about sexual health and hygiene •Reads Kamasutra and believes in sexual wellbeing •Comfortable with her body & thinks she is sexy Values and Beliefs •Wants to bring back the time when sex wasn’t a taboo in India •Believes in traditional Indian beauty products •Stresses on gender equality •Attached to family Habits and Interests •Loves reading and listening to music •Loves understanding culture of places she travels •Drinks alcohol but is against smoking Life •26 years old from Jaipur •Works for an IT company in Mumbai •Wants to be an entrepreneur •Was single throughout and now trying for a girl Physical Attributes •Brownish complexion and 5’7’’ tall •Not that well build, has some bulging belly Attitude towards Sex •Likes alluding to sex •Talks about sexual health and hygiene •Has his own philosophy on sex and reads about culture of sex in India and other countries •Tries to be comfortable with his body by yoga Values and Beliefs •Hates discrimination against women •Believes in God but not in ritualism •Attached to family Habits and Interests •Is metrosexual and spends on cosmetics and cloths •Is absent minded and slightly goofy •Loves Hollywood and Football •Drinks alcohol but is against smoking The Going Girl The Cuddly Guy
  4. 4. The Conversation on Print and Digital Newspaper Column Content Social Media •About what she reads in Kamasutra and its implication on sexual well being •About the culture and sex education workshop experience of the places she travels The Going Girl • About his philosophy on sex that it is biological, pleasurable, and a part of overall well being • About what he reads on culture of sex in India and other countries The Cuddly Guy •Updates that encourages the youth to be sexually comfortable with their body and their quest for the same #MyHotBody •Cheesy pick up lines that show they are open talking about sex in a fun way #HotLine •Updates that challenge the conventional society opinions on sex #SoWhat •Updates that will talk about India’s past culture of sex #LiberalPast  Both will talk about their lives that will reflect their personality as designed. Talking only about sex will lead to follower fatigue.  They will also promote Durex by posing as loyal consumers of the brand  They will be active promoters of the future campaigns of Durex  The following hashtags will be used while talking about sex: Demonstration of their Accounts The following Twitter accounts, created by me, will give an idea about the personalities The Going Girl: click here @DGoingGirl The Cuddly Guy: click here @DCuddlyGuy Even though the youth reading patterns might have shifted online, but an offline touch point of newspaper will lend reach and credibility to these ambassadors that cannot be achieved by pure online promotion
  5. 5. Consumer Insight In depth interviews with 35 people (24 males and 11 females) in the age group of 20 -28 across 6 urban cities coupled with secondary research and Quora responses gave the following insights Word Association with Sex N U D E GIRLLOVE PASSION NAUGHTY NEED C O N D O M B E D 97.1% 28.6% 5.7% Close Friends Collegues Public Forum Talk About Sex 94.3% 65.7% 45.7% Jokes Health and Hygiene Facts Topic for Discussion 37.1% 62.9% Sexual Comfort with one’s body Yes No 85.7% 14.3% Attitude towards People Open About Sex Positive Negative Positive Fun Liberal Open Minded Negative Shameless Cultureless Immoral 20.0% 48.6% 31.4% Will more Campaigns like 'Do The Rex' help in making the Youth talk more about Sex Yes A Step in the Direction No 77.1% 22.9% Can Online Medium enable greater Conversation about Sex Yes No
  6. 6. Inhibitions on talking about Sex It’s not in our culture •Youth feels they will be judged as horny, desperate, immoral, or, not having a mature up bringing when talking with people other than close friends and partners about sex •Discussing fantasies can lead to negative opinion about a person and his mentality despite everyone experiencing fantasies •Girls feel they will be easily labelled as sluts if they are too frank about sex. Girls are equally interested in talking about sex and also enjoy adult humor. •In certain parts of the country, a girl discussing sex is considered to be inviting rape •Parents generally are not open to talking about sex to their children •While growing up, children are told that talking about sex is not sophisticated behavior It’s a private affair •Couples feel that their sex life is not meant for public discussion •A public discussion can bring out their preferences that can be judged as wild or naïve or desperate •These discussions can lead to unnecessary comparisons that can lower self esteem •A partner discussing their sex life is also considered as a breach of trust by the other partner •Even individually, discussion would lead to judgment or unnecessary comparison I don’t have that body •Celebrities and porn stars have set the ideal body as the norm •Many people feel that since they do not have a ideal body they are not capable of attracting the opposite sex •This hampers self confidence at a subliminal level I would talk about sex only with my husband I can share adult jokes on the Whatsapp group of my female friends but I can’t discuss it with guys She would kill me even if I discussed about our kissing with my other friends I discussed my wet dream with a few friends and they teased for like a year on that How can I talk about my fantasy of having sex with a super model when I am dark and have excess flab The senior girl in school who taught us about sex was labelled as slut by my friends and her character was doubted every time she was spotted talking with a guy Names and details are hidden to maintain confidentiality
  7. 7. The Changing Dynamics Youth believes that the society is opening up when it comes to talking about sex Growing migration from rural and semi urban areas to metros is an enabler in increasing the conversation on sex Youth believes in talking about sexual health and hygiene as important Youth believes that sex education at the primary schooling level will set a level playing ground for conversation on sex Youth is concerned about other people’s discomfort when talking about sex I feel the next generation will have an open attitude towards sex The trend is changing, I see people are more comfortable in taking about sex then before. Still there is some restraint. Back in my hometown, I cannot imagine talking about sex the way I do it here at Bangalore. Mumbai is such a open place. I can talk to men on a lot of topics without being considered wrong. Sex education will stop those giggles. Well, I do talk about trimming my body hair with my friends, and they are fine with it. In fact I get better advise from them. I have read that India used to consider prostitutes as respected. God knows what went wrong! Sex education will make people respect their body more. Sex is not dirty it is passionate love My friends do discuss about the bad effects of porn addiction I have started feeling that guys become more shy when talking to girls about sex. Sheesh! Names and details are hidden to maintain confidentiality
  8. 8. How will it change consumer behaviour? The Youth THRIVES ONLINE The Youth wants to RELATE WITH SOMEONE The Youth wants to BE A PART OF THE CHANGE The Youth wants to SHARE  All numbers point that youth is active on social media  They connect to their social circle through social media  Twitter trending topics give them information about the latest happenings in the world  Mobile phones enable to connect on the go  Trolls, cats, or the digital celebrities go viral because they resonate with the youth  Relatable posts regarding life events and love or heart break quotes helps them to convey their thoughts  Anything that captures the state of mind connects with the youth  In all aspects of the society, from politics to consumerism, youth is strongly voicing their opinion  The youth wants to work towards the society they would like to live in  Youth participation in the recent general elections is a case in point  Digital media gives a chance to put one’s thought forward to the world  They know that what they speak contributes to what trends  Viral content and phenomena are talked about in offline conversations Always Connected What Resonates Goes Viral From Passive to Active Shout, not Speak Digital presence is relevant to the youth The ambassadors exemplify the youth and their attitude The ambassadors represent the changing attitude towards sex The ambassadors will flow into offline conversations
  9. 9. Impact of the Conversation #MyHotBody  Will make the youth break the perception that only bodies shown in movies and porn are desirable  Will encourage the youth to be sexually comfortable with their bodies #HotLine  Will entertain and connect with the youth  Will make them feel more comfortable talking about sex #SoWhat  Will help to change the current social taboos in talking about sex esp for girls  Will help the youth in expressing their fantasies #LiberalPast  Will educate the youth about the past liberal culture of sex in India  Will make the youth understand that sexual wellbeing has always been a part of Indian culture This will make the private talks about sex out in the public in a fun and healthy way Impact of Print Media  It will emerge as new medium for talk about sex in a healthy way  Recitation of Kamasutra and India’s past culture about sex will educate the youth about the art of sexual well being  The philosophy about sex will remove the notion of ‘dirty’ and ‘private’ and make the youth realize that it is an integral part of well being  This will be a new medium to usher development of the sexual well being category Impact of Digital Media
  10. 10. Bringing the idea alive Print Media The Cuddly Guy and The Going Girl will have an article on every Saturday and Sunday respectively in The Hindustan Times •As per IRS 2013, HT readership has the fastest growth of 13% from the past year and is eating into other newspaper’s share •HT largest newspaper in NCR and second largest in Mumbai •Facebook links/Twitter handles at the end of every article to drive the conversation online •Weekends gives free time to youth for reading and contemplation Packaging and Point of Sales Merchandise QR Code on the reverse side of the packaging •Scanning the QR code will lead to the Facebook page of The Cuddly Guy since generally men buy condoms •Twitter handles and Facebook links of both the ambassadors will be printed POSM at Supermarkets & Hypermarkets and Condom Vending Machines •Quotes from The Going Girl and The Cuddly Guy along with their Twitter Handles/Facebook links and their respective QR codes will be attached as strips around the Durex shelf  The idea here is to drive conversation from offline to online and engage the youth further  Organic growth in social media following is better inorganic growth using social media advertising  High reach at lower costs to the target audience using print and POSM Movie Placements Show the movie characters following and sharing the ambassadors updates •Tremendous publicity even though the prices will be high
  11. 11. Digital Strategy Content & Conversation Strategy Post content that reflects their personality •Consistency will help in avoiding confusion Post content that relates to the hot topics among the youth •Be it ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or latest sports controversy, latest trends on social media should be used to connect with the youth Engage in a conversation •Use ‘favorite’ and ‘like’ to reciprocate conversation or participation in a contest •Reply to comments on Facebook to increase conversation •‘Retweet’ or ‘Reply’ on Twitter with caution to avoid excess tweet on followers timelines Avoid timeline flooding • Excessive posts or tweets in a short duration leads to timeline being ‘flooded’ and leads to irritation and eventually unfollowing •Ensure reasonable time lags between posts/tweets Public Relations Strategy Use current Twitter celebrities to promote the ambassadors •Rope online celebrities such as Ramesh Srivats, Angry Bombay Girl, Gabbbar Singh, Trendulkar, and Bhak Sala to promote the ambassadors via shares, retweets, and conversations Use Durex’s account to promote the ambassadors Create blogs for extra content Promote visiting the Facebook page •Facebook post display algorithm stops displaying your posts if a fan stops engaging with you •Driving fans to the Facebook page will ensure increase in organic engagement •Hold creative contests that make users land on the Facebook page Avoid following people to gain followers •This doesn’t go well with the brand
  12. 12. The Cost and The Benefit Major Cost Avenues The Content Creation and Digital Marketing Team •The content is going to drive the conversation and branding and needs investment in good human resources Online Celebrities •Online celebrities know their retweets can make an impact and they charge for it •This will be needed during the launch phase of the ambassadors for an initial momentum Movie Placements •Depending upon the movie content, actors, and the level of integration; the cost can range from Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs. 3 crores Alliance with Hindustan Times • The cost should be nominal since this is not a pure advertorial and it is providing rich content to the newspaper • HT has earlier collaborated with Priyanka Chopra and Imran Khan for a weekly article • HT had Lokhandwala Lad writing articles about his struggling days Benefits Developing the brand ambassadors as opinion leaders in the sexual well being category Opinion leaders that are in sync with the youth Bring back India’s Cultural Past At low costs so that bottom line is not affected due to government price cap on selling condoms