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Proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Do You Want More Traffic for More Sales for Your Online Shopping Portal? Checkout Our Marketing Tactics and Strategies for Ecommerce site.

We are Digital Marketing Agency and Can Take Care of Your eCommerce website. Our services include Search Engine Optimization, landing page optimization, social media marketing, classified ad marketing, PPC, email & affiliate marketing.

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Proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

  1. 1. Image Credit: Google Images
  2. 2. E-Commerce Marketing Services In 2017, Digital marketing became an essential marketing aspect to generate new business leads and branding purpose as internet users are growing so the targeted audience of this business domain. Furthermore, a detailed presentation is much needed what is a digital marketing campaign & how it would do to increase the website traffic, build online reputation and can help to generate new business leads.
  3. 3. E-Commerce Industry Facts Seriously Growth 2017 is projected to grow the ecommerce industry to a whooping $370 billion. Data by American Express Only 60 percent of people use search engines to search the products, the rest 40 percent directly land on the ecommerce portals or have direct links. Data by CNN Current active e-commerce penetration in India stands only 28 percent, with lots of room for improvement. India's e-commerce CAGR is projected to reach 23 percent from 2016 to 2021. Data by Statista Data extracted from
  4. 4. MarketRealist claims online shopping accounts for more than 41% of total online shopping sales. Point to be Noted: The main market drivers for companies are higher digitization, mobile adoption, and expansion..
  5. 5. Today, we all have desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices etc, and have easy access to information for ecommerce industry. An effective digital marketing is the best way to reach a large audience in a quick way at a lower cost. A very few reasons:- ➔ Helpful to earn people’s trust ➔ Global access to brand & products to expand the clientbase ➔ Targeted or client specific marketing ➔ Source of immediate & effective communication ➔ Build a better customer experience ➔ Higher ROI and revenue ➔ Search engine ranking impacting users’ decision ➔ Wide reach & latest trend to engage customers ➔ Possibility to react, change and personalize the brand messages. Why Digital Marketing is Important?
  6. 6. Digital Footprint - Essence Digital footprint is virtual biography for any business Consumers engaged with technology all around Having a solid digital presence comprises the marketing bedrock for customer engagement at each level of decision-making
  7. 7. Digital Footprint - Plan ACTION: Actual Sales • Customized solutions • Memberships • Loyalty Programs • Testimonials/ Certificate of Trust DECISION • Surveys • Email Follow-ups • Trial Offers • Smart Content • Social Monitoring INTEREST • Demo Videos • Whitepapers • Case Studies • Newsletter • Opt-in Offers AWARENESS • Videos • Blog • Keywords • Social Publishing • Forums • Calls-to-Action • Landing Pages For Strangers For Visitors For Leads For Customers For Loyal Customers/ Promoters Attract Convert Close Delight
  8. 8. Marketing Aspects 1 Strategy Building and Planning 2 Keyword Planning 3 Graphic Designing 4 Landing Page Optimisation 5 Analytic & Reporting 1 Blogging on, site, Quora, Tumblr, Medium 2 Email / Newsletter Marketing 3 SEO, SMM & PPC/PCM Campaigns 4 Slide, PPT & Classified Ad Posting 5 Press Release Writing, Submission, G News 1 Creating quality content that pulls people towards Co., where they want to be naturally 2 Generates momentum, making future efforts easier 3 Lower avg cost to acquire a new customer 4 Responsible for 90% + online clicks 1 Interrupting someone’s flow of activity in order to get attention 2 Powered by budget & repetition 3 Higher average cost to acquire a new customer 4 Responsible for < 10% of online clicks Strategy Essentials Marketing Essentials Outbound MarketingInbound Marketing
  9. 9. All-In-One Package - E-Commerce Marketing Plan A Plan B Plan C 1 Strategy Building and Planning 2 SEO Campaign On Page SEO On & Off Page SEO Complete SEO 3 Paid Advertising Campaign Facebook Google, Facebook Google, Bing, FB 4 Landing Page Optimisation 5 Social Media Marketing 100 Posts / Month 200 Posts / Month 300 Posts / Month 6 Email Marketing Campaign 10,000 Email Credits 15,000 Email Credits 25,000 Email Credits 7 Classified Ad Posting 50 Ads / Month 100 Ads / Month 300 Ads / Month 8 Product Feed Management N/A N/A 9 Affiliate SetUp & Marketing N/A N/A 10 Analytic SetUp & Reporting EveryDay - Online EveryDay - Online EveryDay - Online 11 Pricing / Month EMAIL ME EMAIL ME EMAIL ME
  10. 10. Tracking ROI of E-Commerce Marketing It’s important to track the ROI what is to track and how to track. There are several way to track the Return-On-Investment, these are the way to do it- ➔ Analysing the marketing campaign which will help to expand the reach and build a trustworthy online presence. ➔ Analysing the existing and new audience interacted with the newly created content. Content deployment would be happening in real-time, pushing the performance boundaries of the business. ➔ Analysing the persona based on the aggregate data about their audience engagement on social media networks & direct leads collected through the classified ad marketing. ➔ Analysing email marketing campaign, the open Rate, CTR & engagement rate of the campaign. ➔ Analysing the digital advertising campaigns on Google Adwords, BingAds and other ad networks. ➔ Analysing the online presence of the business website, the meta tags, and all on-page optimization. ➔ Analysing the online presence of search engines, Press release on search engines and Google News to check if the business could to make an impact to reach the audience.
  11. 11. The Reasons You Need Digital Marketing We have experience, we know the e-commerce businesses and the forte keeps us updated. Our team has ecommerce marketing experience that will play an important role while executing the campaigns for Your E-commerce Company. There are other reasons too:- ➔ Transparent marketing solutions which will help the ecommerce business owners to understand the performance of the full marketing mix, achieving full control over marketing effectiveness. ➔ In the Multi Billion Dollar Industry, Your ecommerce Company has potential to be the leader for in ecommerce Industry, We would like to take this business to another level. . ➔ The competitive environment in ecommerce domain will be interesting, and it would also give us chance to promote your business with our existing knowledge and skills . ➔ As Digital Marketing company, we would be given responsibilities to manage the campaign from scratch, that's a challenging work, & we just love challenges. ➔ We are confident because of our wide experience in digital marketing. ➔ With Your e-commerce Company, we will have an opportunity to work with professionals.
  12. 12. Estimated Timeline & Payment Terms We have very simple terms of service for ecommerce marketing:- ➔ An agreement will be sent for the services. ➔ Services begin upon after receiving 100% deposit of first month / 3 - 6 months. ➔ The prices of marketing services listed on this proposal are valid for 30 days or as mentioned. ➔ Paid invoices will be emailed. Invoices are not required for payments due. ➔ Every possible effort will be made to achieve the target ranking according to search engine guidelines and we will only follow white hat and ethical process of marketing. ➔ This agreement constitutes the complete agreement and understandings between the parties and can only be modified in writing, signed by the parties.