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Power of the SAP HANA Platform – Integrating non-SAP data with custom HANA applications


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SAP HANA is a real-time, in-memory database that enables organizations to process “big data” in support of transactional processing, operational reporting, advanced analytics and predictive modeling. With that said, SAP HANA has the potential to be much more than a database. In fact, SAP HANA as platform can serve as an agile, flexible application development framework. This game-changing capability empowers organizations to build advanced applications directly on SAP HANA, leveraging the SAP HANA Extended Application Service (XS). Many clients have integrated SAP ECC data into either a side car approach or a suite on HANA solution, but many of us still haven’t realized the power that can be harnessed for non-SAP Transactional systems.

During this webinar, we will show you how to extract data from your external source systems, using tools such as Data Integrator and SAP Landscape Transformer Replication Server (SLT) and load into the SAP HANA database. From there, we will explain how to leverage the SAP HANA XS Engine to add value to your business through agile development methods. We will show you development tools such as SAP HANA Studio and an introduction to the Web IDE. We will detail the benefits and best practices while demonstrating small portions within the SAP HANA Application Layer.
This webinar will be Part I, where we will introduce how to create the following application:
 Deploy a basic SAPUI5 Page
 Expose Shipment Tracking data via Odata services
 Use an SAPUI5 table element to display the Shipment Data
 Integrate Google Maps with the Shipment Tracker Information
This webinar will give you the baseline understanding on each of the components, and then it will allow you to follow up with our secondary videos to give you more step-by-step detail in the creation of the remaining application.

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Power of the SAP HANA Platform – Integrating non-SAP data with custom HANA applications

  1. 1. Presentation Title Template Integrating Non-SAP data with SAP HANA Tim Korba, Lead BI Architect Wes Feimster, Sr. Consultant October 16, 2015
  2. 2. Agenda  Introductions  Non-SAP Integration with SAP Overview  SAP Data Services Overview  SAP Data Services Benefits  What is SAP HANA?  SAP HANA Platform Overview  What are SAP HANA Native Applications?  SAP HANA UI Overview  SAP HANA UI Benefits  Demo
  3. 3. “ It used to be top down. Where companies would go out and conduct a survey and collect data. Now we are walking around with devices that log everything we like, picture we take, store we visit. You don’t have to go out and find data. It is now coming and finding us. “ – Jake Porway – National Geographic “Consider the decline in the quality and consistency of user interfaces. I look at the hideous UIs on many commercial applications and it’s obvious the interface was slapped together just so that the design tool would crank out the code for handling user events. The code was finished, but the barely capable UI went out the door with just a little polish.” – Tom Yager, “Ahead of the Curve” Columnist “There is nothing more dangerous than standing still in a world that is changing.” – Former French President Jacques Chirac
  4. 4. Non-SAP Integration with SAP Overview  SAP BW  Warehouse and Reporting Solution  Mostly was considered for SAP solutions with integration with Non-SAP  BODS, DB Connect, UD Connect, Flat File  SAP ECC  Conversion / Interface programs  SAP HANA  Focused Non-SAP solutions  With or without SAP data  BODS, Smart Data Access, Flat Files, SLT
  5. 5. SAP Data Services Overview  Unified Data Processing and Integration Platform  Batch Job and Ad-hoc Processing  Web-based Central Management Console  Latest Version: 4.2 Support Pack 5  Up-to-date information at  Delivered with all SAP HANA solutions (Data Integrator)
  6. 6. SAP Data Services Benefits  Interfaces with wide variety of data sources and targets out of the box – not just SAP applications  Databases (DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server)  Applications (Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDE)  Utilizes graphical user interface to design data flows, from very simple to very complex  Supports:  Bi-directional data flows  Delta processing (e.g., changed data capture)  Custom scripted functions
  7. 7. What is SAP HANA?  SAP HANA is a data source agnostic in-memory database  Columnar storage  Massive parallel processing  HANA Application Layer  Provides access to the database  Enables end-to-end development  Core tools to simplify and expedite development  Dedicated webserver  SAP HANA Platform
  8. 8. SAP HANA Platform Overview Next-generation platform for smart applications
  9. 9. What are SAP HANA Native Applications?  An application that resides on a HANA database, exposes data stored in a HANA database, and built in HANA Studio  Available from SAP HANA SPS5
  10. 10. HANA UI Platform Overview – What is it?  HANA Extended Services Engine (XS)  Available from SAP HANA SPS5  Joint Application / Web Server  Provides seamless access to HANA Native Applications  HANA UI Integration Services  Sites and page building  State of the art end user experience  SAP UI5  Provides capability to develop with standardized services and consistent UI Patterns  Support end to end business processes with a harmonized user experience across applications
  11. 11. SAP HANA Development Benefits Speed Hardware Consolidation Simplified Development Environment Effortless Content Management  Any Sources  Any Data  Device Agnostic  Reusable  Branding Increase IT Output. Reduce IT Costs.
  12. 12. SAP HANA Development Tools – Web IDE  SAP’s core HANA development solution (include image)  Browser based code editor with syntax and formatting checks  XSODATA, XSJS, HDBProcedure, XML, JS views  Embedded debugging tool  Calculation Modeler  Alternative: HANA Studio
  13. 13. SAP HANA Use Cases  Extension of existing SAP functionality  Leverage HANA investment to build a new application  Simple integration with all data on the HANA server  New SAP Customers  Light clean application front-end  Ability to process massive data sets
  14. 14. HANA UI Deployment Steps  Design the UX  Identify the UI Components and Interaction between them  Current or new applications / components  Design and develop the components within widgets directly with HANA Studio  Including personalization capability  Design the application site  Determine the layout of the overall application  Launch page
  15. 15. Demo Solution Background  System Overview  HANA SPS10 (Released July 2015)  Company Background  Sporting goods company that specializes in supplying professional sporting facilities  The company would like to understand:  Where are our current shipments and which shipments are delayed?  Actionable Results  Track all in-transit shipments in real time  Quickly respond to delayed shipments
  16. 16. DEMO
  17. 17. Future Considerations  IoT – Real-time fleet tracking  GPS capability on fleet allows for real-time tracking  Make decisions based on data  Advanced Notifications  Alert customers of late shipments before it happens  Reduce vehicle breakdowns with automated maintenance alerts  What potential use cases would you implement?
  18. 18. Additional Information  Dickinson + Associates Web Site   YNg  Search for Dickinson + Associates Channel  Code provided for your own application  Follow us on Twitter and send us a direct message via twitter  @Dickinson_Assoc  @tim_korba  Survey Monkey will be sent out  Please provide input for future courses  May be additional follow up Native Application Development courses
  19. 19. Appendix
  20. 20. Important Links Core Data Services  CDS_Reference_en.pdf SAPUI5 Explored Icon Library Explored HANA Developer Cloud Trial (Free for 30 days)
  21. 21. Questions?