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Facebook: Likes to Leads

Facebook marketing can be frustrating if you don't have a proven game plan. One of the biggest problems for marketers is converting Facebook fan page likes into quantifiable leads. For more great insights see the entire blog post at

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Facebook: Likes to Leads

  1. 1. Getting FromLikes To LeadsWith Facebook
  2. 2. Businesses can use their Facebook page to generate leads.
  3. 3. That is the ultimategoal of thebusiness’sFacebook after all,right?
  4. 4. Here are a few strategiesto get fans to engage and even opt-in.
  5. 5. Things like bribing fans withexclusive Facebook content
  6. 6. “like gates” (plug-ins that show fans attractive content offers when they "like" you)are proven to convert fans into leads
  7. 7. The mostimportant thing is FOCU
  8. 8. Focusing your social media campaigns – not just Facebook –around the all-important call-to-action.
  9. 9. For example, when we go to our Facebook pageto promote this post, we’ll make sure and tell our fans what it is we want them to do
  10. 10. Something like, “Like us” or“Tell us what youthink about using Facebook to get leads.”
  11. 11. After all, your business’s social media efforts should all beworking to build more relationships, engage more fans, and help you make more MONEY.
  12. 12. One of ourfavorite strategies: Facebook contests
  13. 13. Not only are Facebook contests agreat way to engage fans –they’resuperfun
  14. 14. The mainthing torememberis:
  15. 15. Everything you put on Facebookshould work to grab more fans.
  16. 16. Do this with greatinformation and great offers.
  17. 17. Don’t appear roboticby using too many automatic feed updates.
  18. 18. Lab Members:We have an awesome “Facebook Contests” video in our RAW Training section. This video walks you through exactly how to set up a Facebook contest that not only brings you leads, but does so while staying within Facebook’s guidelines.