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Creating Powerful Customer Experiences


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You’re not the expert. Your customers are, and who your customer is, is changing rapidly. Learn more about the digital consumer, how to bring new life to your customer experience, and inspire your team with workshop activities. Take a deeper look into the key drivers of your business, reinvigorate your customer experience, and gain insight from one of the newest inspiring entrepreneurs, who built his business around an out-of-the-ordinary customer experience. Why not create an experience that will leave your customers talking and sharing your brand with everyone? These musings were gathered after attending the Next Generation Customer Experience Conference in San Diego, March 2015.

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Creating Powerful Customer Experiences

  1. 1. CREATING POWERFUL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCESMusings from the Next Generation Customer Experience Conference Presented by and @jackischroder
  2. 2. “Your customers will tell you what they need and want. THEY’RE THE EXPERTS. NOT YOU.” Lisa Nichols CEO, Motivating the Masses
  3. 3. PEOPLE ONLY THINK ABOUT A TOPIC FOR 8 SECONDS How does that impact design, content, user flow, and advertising? (That’s less than the attention span of a goldfish)
  4. 4. meet the ever-changing DIGITAL CONSUMER
  5. 5. 2015 marks the convergence of DESKTOP AND MOBILE TRAFFIC
  6. 6. The Answers(TM) Experience Index CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS ARE RISING 56% 73% 62% 68% 27% 42% 37% 51% Used mobile to research products. Accessed the store’s site on mobile in store. Used mobile to compare prices in store. Used mobile to access a competitor’s site 2012 vs. 2014
  7. 7. people are even filing their taxes VIA MOBILE APP
  8. 8. The Answers(TM) Experience Index multi-channel customers ARE BETTER FOR BUSINESS Single Channel 77 satisfaction 77 purchase again 2 Channels 79 satisfaction 81 purchase again 3+ Channels 81 satisfaction 83 purchase again .com .com .com
  9. 9. more likely to make a purchase from the company overall. more likely to recommend the company. more likely to make a purchase from the website. RETAIL ForeSee client measurement data, June 1 - December 31, 2014 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS ARE… 2.4x 2.7x 2.9x more likely to recommend the company. CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS 3x 2.6x 2.5x more likely to purchase the company’s products online. more likely to purchase the company’s products again.
  10. 10. THE WEBSITE HALO EFFECT CASE STUDY: of customers said their web visit impacted their visit to the store.28% of those customers made a purchase in store.69% RESULT: appear to be failed online conversions. KEY LEARNING: Ask customers if their website experience had an impact on in-store experience and purchase. .com
  11. 11. you’re not being compared to your “COMPETITORS.” you’re being compared to THE “BEST.”
  12. 12. exercises for CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  13. 13. TAKE 2 MINUTES: Write as many possible uses for an ordinary object, such as a tin can. TEST DIVERGENT THINKING: Number of ideas Range of ideas Originality Elaboration ice breaker: ALTERNATIVE USE TEST
  14. 14. A B C D E F G H I B G D A F E C H Use Structured Mind Mapping to identify the main issues in the center, and then break each one down further to fully dissect the problem. structured mind mapping THE LOTUS BLOSSOM
  15. 15. Consistently define the experience and gain trust through that consistency. Provide a unique experience and create memories that set you apart Excellent customer experiences drives sales delivering the BEST EXPERIENCE RANDOM EXPERIENCE RELIABLE EXPERIENCE DIFFERENTIATED EXPERIENCE Desire To deliver a great experience, you need to take people along the path of experiences, from random to differentiated, in order to truly create desire.
  16. 16. map out WHAT YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN Over 80% of the time, the maps don’t match. GHOST MAPPING map out WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS overlay THE MAPS Advanced Journey Mapping by way of Ghost Mapping, is a great way to remind your internal teams where the consumers are coming from.
  17. 17. Take a digital frame by frame screenshot of the consumer journey to ensure you see every step. CX STORYBOARDING
  18. 18. SEVERITYOFIMPACT Key Drivers PLOTTING PRIORITIZATION NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS IMPACTED Map out all of the requested improvements with your team and always make sure to address Key Drivers first, as they'll drive the biggest impact for your organization.
  20. 20. IDENTIFY EXPERIENCES Segments, personas, journeys PRIORITIZE The experiences most critical to the customers’ success TEST Assess the scenario and grade the impact. REVIEW Share the findings with leadership, focusing on potential benefits. FOLLOW UP Agree upon the plan to resolve, mitigate issues, ensure accountability for results OPTIMIZATION FLOW 1 2 3 4 5 Start at the top and follow this feedback loop for all your consumer journeys for the best optimization.
  21. 21. HOW ARE PEOPLE DOING THINGS FASTER AND BETTER AND HOW CAN YOU IMPROVE THEIR EXPERIENCE? UNSANCTIONED PATHS Don't ignore the unsanctioned paths. Always take a step back to see how people are doing things faster and better. Listen to your consumers and improve their experiences.
  22. 22. journey mapping IN TWO HOURS Use this activity to determine irritants.
  23. 23. • Post-Its • Craft paper • Sharpies • Room with a long table • Your team (10-12 people) • 1-2 people to play the part of an irrational customer. These people are not involved in your project. • Chunk out 4-5 parts of the process you’re evaluating. SUPPLIES
  24. 24. Chunk 1 Chunk 2 Chunk 3 Chunk 4 Post-ProcessPre-Process Opportunities & Gaps What the customer does What our process is WORKSHOP TEMPLATE
  25. 25. ACTIVITY STEP 1 Put egos aside.
  26. 26. STEP 2 Before you get started, agree on who your customer is and put it on the white board as a reminder. (5 mins) ACTIVITY
  27. 27. STEP 3 Start with “what is our process” and have one person record it. ACTIVITY
  28. 28. STEP 4 Based on your defined process, review what the actual customer does. ACTIVITY
  29. 29. STEP 5 Have everyone write as many gaps and opportunities as possible on Post-Its. ACTIVITY
  30. 30. STEP 6 Populate into a spreadsheet and prioritize by Key Drivers with a group of 3-4 people. ACTIVITY
  31. 31. PHASE 2 Consider using actual consumers to conduct the same exercise ACTIVITY
  32. 32. get INSPIRED
  33. 33. When people mention your brand, WHAT DO THEY SAY? social listening is key
  34. 34. If you’re lucky, they’ll rave about you half as much as they do about this brand. JOHNNY CUPCAKES View Video:
  35. 35. people thrive on NEW EXPERIENCES brand principles Everything in the world has been done before. Get people to step outside of their comfort zone.
  36. 36. brand principles STRANGE IS GOOD
  37. 37. brand principles have at least TWELVE REASONS for people to try your product
  38. 38. packaging CAN MAKE OR BREAK your experience
  39. 39. brand principles HAVE A MASCOT
  40. 40. Rented ice cream trucks in major cities, packaged shirts in ice cream cartons and push pops. Surprise and delight with random items in online orders – cash, Snickers bars, doll’s heads. CEO writes letters, and signs packaging regularly. On April Fool’s Day, sold cupcakes and hid all t-shirts. Thought starters to make a big impact. Don't limit yourself.
  41. 41. and a final, great idea: HAVE A “KILL A STUPID RULE” CAMPAIGN Don't let the red tape limit you. To do great things, you need to push the limits of comfort within your organization.
  42. 42. TOGETHER, WE CAN CREATE POWERFUL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES Presented by and @jackischroder