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Virtual Reality Vision - Virtual Tour


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Virtual Reality Vision is leading 360 Degree photography service provider in India. We charge marginal cost to give organizations a chance to show their properties in 360 motion to their customers. We warmly welcomes all the Hospitality Industries, Hospitals, Real Estate and Interior Designers to show there work, project and property to the world in such a unique manner.

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Virtual Reality Vision - Virtual Tour

  2. 2. Our Profile –• Who We Are…• Based in Mumbai, India as a ‘Virtual Reality’production company. VRV provides highquality virtual tours for web sites.• Our team has the resources and theproficiency to give a face lift to your web siteand digital media projects.• Our solutions are planed on customerrequirements and meet the ever renewingindustry standards.• What is Virtual Tour!• 360Degree virtual tour provides yourcustomers with an experience of standing atthe location you offer, looking around him –to his right, left, above, and downwards –and seeing everything your premise has tooffer. It is not a video display independent ofthe viewer. It is a digitally stitchedphotographs with user interaction.• This is practically suited you if you areengaged In real estate, hospitality or in a clubsector.
  3. 3. Why 360 Degree Virtual Tour!Having Virtual Tour allows your audience to be impressed in a seamless 360 degreevisual environment that offers far more contextual information than a series of a staticimages or a linear video clip.• More visit to your website – increased customers and more frequent returns• More time spent at your site – increased ‘stickiness’ of site visitors.• More Exposure – your location / service are on show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.• More sales in less time – more customer confidence in design making.• More to see – Virtual tour images shows the whole environment in 360 degree.
  4. 4. Why VRV• VRV with its vast experience and technologicalcapabilities can fast track your business goals.With VRV at your side we guarantee world classcustomer friendly solution at very competitivecosts. Harness the powerful communicationadequacies of panoramic photography to providepropelled business attention and business growthin your field.
  5. 5. Project overviewScope• Scope of the project is todevelop high qualityinteractive 360 Degree virtualtour.• The Requirement is toproduce 05 virtual tourDeliverables• Interactive Virtual Tour – WebVersion• Interactive Virtual tour in CD• We creates tours whichcompatible to iPhone, iPadsand Android OS.
  6. 6. Virtual Tour Production Process• Initial consultation• Pre- shoot agreements• Photography• Image Stitching• Interface Design• Programming• Uploading / Delivery
  7. 7. Quality Assurance• VRV pride itself in producinghigh quality dependablevirtual tours. This can only beaccomplished with adisciplined, predictable QualityAssurance (QA) process.• QA personnel are signed at thebeginning of the project. Thefirst task is for the QA team tobecome familiar with theproject requirements. At theconclusion of the testing, theQA team complies a Testreport to summarize thetesting activities. This is usedto communicate lessonslearned during the QA process.These lessons can be used toimprove thedevelopment, QA, and / orproject managementprocesses.
  8. 8. Item Amount (INR)Virtual Tour Production - 10 scenes 15000.00Extra Scene per Pano 1000.00We pride ourselves on providing superb value for money, offering ourclients a wide range of options and choices at extremely competitiverates. Its our high end quality combined with great value for money thathas been the key to our success.The Following Total fixed Bid Price covers the development &Implementation of 05 virtual tours. *conditions apply
  9. 9. There are Lot more options to get us directly Call Us On - +91 95 94 95 8700Mail Us -Facebook -Write Us - Mun Corporation15th Floor, Dev Corpora, Pokhran Road No.1,Eastern Express Highway Opposite Cadburys,Thane, Maharashtra, Mumbai