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e-Commerce Trends from 2014 to 2015 by

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e-Commerce sales worldwide will reach $1.7 trillion in 2015. The World's Leading E-Commerce Companies, Capital Market, E-Commerce startups to watch, Omnichannel, B2C e-commerce sales worldwide and more!

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e-Commerce Trends from 2014 to 2015 by

  1. 1. e-­‐Commerce  Trends     from  2014  to  2015   1
  2. 2.           Quick  Wins   Game  Changers   Worth  considering!   E-­‐Commerce  Trends  for  2015   • Cross-­‐border  B2C   • Mobile   • Automated  Pricing  OpGmizaGon     • Omnichannel   • Big  Buying  Days     • Free  Shipping     • New  Customer   AquisiGon  Models     maturity  /  roi   potenGal  impact  on  market   • Next-­‐day  delivery     • In-­‐store  Pickup   • Free  Returns   • Own  Brands   • Wearables   • Social  Commerce   • Content  MarkeGng   • Mobile-­‐First  MarkeGng   • ProgrammaGc  Ad  Buying   and  MarkeGng  Auto   • Digital  Content   • mPayments   • Bitcoin   • Security   • Magento   • hybris   • Beacon  Technology   • Machine-­‐learning  Services     • 3D  prinGng     • New  Business  Models    
  3. 3. B2C  eCommerce  Sales  Worldwide   hVp://­‐e-­‐commerce-­‐sales-­‐worldwide/   hVp://­‐e-­‐commerce-­‐trends-­‐in-­‐2015     e-­‐Commerce  sales  worldwide  will  reach  $1.7  trillion  in  2015   Next  year,  local  consumers  all   over  the  world  will  discover   global,  or  foreign,  web  sites  in   a  major  way,  and  spend  a   larger  por;on  of  their  online   budgets  on  non-­‐local  e-­‐ retailers.  This  will  pose  serious   challenges  to  local  merchants   but  will  also  create  new   opportuni;es  for  them  to  sell   abroad.   Jörgen  Bödmar,  CEO  of   Scandinavian  Design  Center   An  increasing  number  of  e-­‐ retailers  are  beginning  to  see   the  benefits  of  physical   stores.     Karl  Prytz,  CEO,  Animail  
  4. 4. B2C  eCommerce  Sales  Worldwide   •  Business-­‐to-­‐consumer  (B2C)  ecommerce   sales  worldwide  reached  $1.471  trillion  in   2014,  increasing  nearly  20%.     •  Asia-­‐Pacific  is  the  leading  region  for   eCommerce  sales  in  2015  and  represents   33.4%  of  the  total,  compared  with  31.7%   in  North  America  and  24.6%  Western   Europe.   •  Cross-­‐border  B2C   –  The  worldwide  leaders  in  B2C  eCommerce   export  include:  USA,  UK,  Germany,  Nordic   naGons,  Netherlands  and  France.  Their  overall   online  retail  cross-­‐border  export  is  forecast  to   top  EUR  100  billion  by  2020.   –  Cross-­‐border  B2C  eCommerce  thrives  in  Europe,   supported  by  the  iniGaGves  of  lawmakers  in   creaGng  a  single  online  retail  infrastructure  and   regulaGon.     hVp:// Worldwide-­‐Ecommerce-­‐Sales-­‐Increase-­‐ Nearly-­‐20-­‐2014/1011039     GLOBAL  CROSS-­‐BORDER  B2C  E-­‐COMMERCE   2014,  ,   hVp:// 1076.pdf    
  5. 5. The  World's  Leading  eCommerce  Companies   1.  Amazon     2.   3.  Wal-­‐Mart   4.  eBay   5.  OVo  Group   6.  Alibaba  (excluding  wholesale)   7.  Groupe  Casino  (Cnova)   8.  Tesco   9.  Rakuten   10.  Best  Buy   hVp://­‐markets-­‐worlds-­‐leading-­‐e-­‐154500570.html     hVp://­‐10-­‐31/casino-­‐e-­‐commerce-­‐arm-­‐cnova-­‐seeks-­‐up-­‐ to-­‐375-­‐million-­‐in-­‐u-­‐dot-­‐s-­‐dot-­‐ipo     In  terms  of  growth,  Alibaba  outpaces  all  its   compe;tors  in  the  top  10,  more  than  doubling   the  revenues  from  retail  marketplaces  last   year.  Inc.  ranks  next  with  close  to  +70%.     Casino  Group  is  combining  businesses  of   Cdiscount  in  France,  Colombia  and  Asia1,  and   Nova  Pontocom  in  Brazil  (company  jointly  held   by  GPA  and  ViaVarejo).   About  13  million  ac;ve  customers  in  Europe,   La;n  America  and  Asia.  It  plans  to  raise  as   much  as  $375  million  in  an  ini;al  public   offering  in  the  U.S.    in  2015.  
  6. 6. hVp:// 69413-­‐13-­‐Notable-­‐Ecommerce-­‐IPOs-­‐for-­‐2014,   hVp://­‐ internet-­‐vs-­‐alibaba-­‐showdown-­‐of-­‐the-­‐e-­‐ commerce-­‐ipos-­‐of-­‐2014/           hVp:// opGon=com_content&view=arGcle&id=344&Itemi d=103     hVps://­‐ venture-­‐capital-­‐investors-­‐2014  , hVp://­‐venture-­‐ capitalists-­‐predict-­‐what-­‐will-­‐happen-­‐in-­‐2015/               Interes'ng  IPOs  of  2014   •  Alibaba  (NYSE:  BABA).  Already  the   world’s  largest  online  and  mobile   commerce  company,  the  Chinese  giant,   whose  mission  is  “to  make  it  easy  to  do   business  anywhere”.  Largest  ever  global   IPO.   –   Market  CapitalizaGon  $236  billion  (€186   billion)   •  Rocket  Internet  (ETR:  RKET).  Founded  in   2007  by  the  Samwer  brothers,  the   German  Internet  start-­‐up  incubator.  The   company’s  stated  mission  is  “to  become   the  world’s  largest  Internet  plarorm   outside  the  United  States  and  China”   –   Market  CapitalizaGon  $7.2  billion  (€5.7   billion)   Capital  Market   We  are  seeing  larger  funds  spread  across   fewer  firms.  In  2015  we  can  expect  to  see   the  average  deal  size  increase  with  an  up;ck   in  later  growth  rounds.   Tony  Tijan,  CEO,  Cue  Ball  Group  
  7. 7. eCommerce  Startups  to  Watch   •  Wish  is  a  mobile  shopping  startup  that  looks   like  Pinterest  but  only  shows  you  what    you   want  to  buy.     hVps://       •  Casper  wants  to  tackle  the  tradiGonally   convoluted  process  of  buying  a  maVress  and   streamline  it  for  the  web.     hVps://       •  With  Instacar  ,  you  can  order  groceries    by   the  phone  or  online,  and  have  them   delivered  to  your  apartment  in  less    than     an  hour.   hVps://         •  Jet  has  announced  it  will  offer  shares  of  stock   to  early  users.   hVps://       •  Thanks  to  Glamsquad,    you  press    a  buVon   and  a  stylist  will  show  up  at  your  home.   hVp://     •  Spring  is  an  Instagram  for  shopping.   hVps://       •  Curbside  lets  you  buy  at  brick-­‐and-­‐mortar   stores  ,  using    your  phone.  Instead  of  waiGng   for  delivery,  you  pick  up  your  purchases  from   the  store  —  curbside  —  without  ever  having   to  get  out  of  your  car.   hVps://     hVp://­‐16-­‐best-­‐startups-­‐that-­‐ launched-­‐in-­‐2014-­‐2014-­‐12   hVp://­‐startups-­‐to-­‐watch-­‐ in-­‐2015-­‐2014-­‐12      
  8. 8. B2B  Buyers  Want  Useful  Services     •  Driven  by  their  online  buying  experiences,  B2B  buyers  are  demanding   omnichannel  capabiliGes  when  making  work-­‐related  purchases.     •  Nearly  half  (49%)  of  them  prefer  to  make  work-­‐related  purchases  on  the   same  websites  they  use  for  personal  purchases.     –  32%    begin  their  research  on  brand  manufacturer  sites    and  25%  -­‐  on  search  engines  .   •  They  expect  the  next-­‐day  delivery  or  an  esGmated  Gme  of  the  product   arrival.   •  B2B  buyers  want  useful  services  to  support  their  shopping  journey:  self-­‐ servicing  accounts,  store  locators,  personalized  product  recommendaGons   and  reviews.   Building  The  B2B  OmniChannel  Commerce  Plarorm  Of  The  Future,  Forrester,  2014   In  my  opinion,  regarding  B2B  area,   the  forthcoming  year  will  result  in   bigger  awareness  and  decisiveness   as  to  the  investment  in  higher   quality  technology.   Tomasz  Lis,  B2B  eCommerce   Manager,  Brand  DistribuGon     Future  technology  innovaGon  will  focus  on  automated  pricing  opGmizaGon    
  9. 9. Omnichannel     •  In  recent  years,  the  mul;channel  concept   has  morphed  into  omnichannel.   •  From  the  customer’s  perspecGve,  there  is   only  a  single,  technology-­‐enabled  channel   that  brings  together  all  touchpoints.   •  8%  of  retail  companies  are  planning  to  add   a  Chief  Omnichannel  Officer  or  SVP,  EVP  or   Head  of  Omnichannel  to  the  roles  in  the   next  18  months.   hVp://­‐vs-­‐mulGchannel-­‐and-­‐the-­‐store-­‐of-­‐the-­‐future/     Exclusive  2014  Surver  Report:  The  Omnichannel  Challenge:  Strategies  That  Work,  Oracle,  2014   Omni-­‐channel  refers  to  the  prac;ce  that   leads  to  a  consistent  shopping   experience  across  channels  and  this   includes  brand  messaging,  promo;ons,   pricing,  customer  service,  etc..   According  to  Google  -­‐  85%  of  online   shoppers  start  a  purchase  on  one  device   and  finish  on  another.     Vlad  Zachary,  Director  Omni-­‐Channel   Commerce  at  Upshot  Commerce   What  are  the  most   valuable  ways   your  omnichannel   strategies  have   improved  your  business?    
  10. 10. Omnichannel     With  omnichannel  retail  at  American  Eagle  Ou`iaers  a  customer  might  bring  their  phone  into  the   store,  scan  a  barcode  and  comparison  shop  in  real-­‐;me.  As  Chief  Digital  Officer  Joe  Megibow   explained,  if  they  decide  to  order,  it’s  up  to  the  retail  associate  to  recognize  the  online  order  is  being   placed  in  the  store,  and  to  fulfill  that  order  in  person.     hap://­‐more-­‐than-­‐a-­‐digital-­‐transforma;on-­‐buzzword/     £81,00   £83,00   £93,00   £126,00   £99,00   £118,00   £0,00   £20,00   £40,00   £60,00   £80,00   £100,00   £120,00   £140,00   The  omnichannel  opportunity.  Unlocking  the  power  of  the  connected  consumer,  DeloiVe,  2014   online  research   and  online   shopping       offline   online     offline  +  research   during  the   shopping     offline  +  research   online  BEFORE   the  shopping     ROPO   OMNICHANNEL AND ORDER VALUE
  11. 11. Big  Buying  Days  are  Ge}ng  Bigger   •  Cyber  Monday,  Black  Friday,  Super   Saturday,  Small  Business  Saturday,  Green   Monday,  Singles  Day,  …    jumping  in  on  the   holiday  season  as  early  as  possible   •  Last  year,  U.S.  Cyber  Monday  sales  were   $2.3  billion—up  29  %  from  the  year   before.     •  Cyber  Monday  morphed  into  Cyber  Week.   •  About  70%  of  U.S.  eCommerce  shipments   during  the  2014  Christmas  shopping  period   included  free  shipping.   hVps://­‐e-­‐commerce-­‐trends-­‐2015-­‐influence-­‐buyer-­‐ experience/   hVp://­‐11-­‐07/china-­‐singles-­‐day-­‐record-­‐seen-­‐as-­‐ bmws-­‐sell-­‐cheap-­‐online.html       hVp://­‐6-­‐Holiday-­‐Online-­‐Shopping-­‐ Trends-­‐to-­‐Watch-­‐in-­‐2014     hVp://­‐6-­‐Holiday-­‐Online-­‐Shopping-­‐ Trends-­‐to-­‐Watch-­‐in-­‐2014     hVp://         hVps://­‐sales-­‐rise-­‐83-­‐christmas-­‐day     This  year,  Alibaba  only  took  two  hours  to   reach  $2  billion  in  sales  on  Singles  Day,   and  by  day’s  end  reported  sales   surpassed  $9  billion.   Christmas  Day  ’14:  IBM  Benchmark  Live   •  Average  order  value  was  $100.33,  up   6.2%  from  a  year  earlier.   •  Smartphones  accounted  for  40.6%  of   online  traffic  and  tablets  15.9%.     •  Tablets  accounted  for  18.4%  of  online   sales  and  smartphones  16.3%.   •  Computers  accounted  for  42.6%  of   online  traffic,  and  65.2%  of  online   sales.       •  Consumers  spent  21.4%  more  on   average  when  shopping  on  their   desktops.   •  The  conversion  rate  was  4.56%  on   computers  and  2.15%  on  mobile   devices.  
  12. 12. Flexible  Delivery   •  Next-­‐day  delivery  and  rapid  in-­‐store  pickup  will  rock  in   2015.   –  Browse  online  and  use  the  store  as  your  personal  pick-­‐up  center.     •  Amazon  Prime  Now  allows  its  Prime  members  to  get   items  delivered  in  just  one  hour  in  NY.   •  Companies  are  keeping  warehouses  closer  than  ever  to   buying  hubs.   •  Uber  and  Ly•  have  built  a  massive  local  transportaGon   network  -­‐  courier  and  same-­‐day  delivery  could  make  an   enGcing  field  of  expansion.   •  Returns  are  criGcal  to  the  ongoing  user  experience.  The   next  fronGer  is  free  shipping  on  returns.     •  Some  eCommerce  startups  will  be  giving  discounts  to   consumers  in  exchange  for  the  wait  for  their  products.   hVps://­‐e-­‐commerce-­‐trends-­‐2015-­‐influence-­‐buyer-­‐experience/   hVp://­‐introduces-­‐one-­‐hour-­‐delivery-­‐in-­‐new-­‐york/     Where:   in-­‐store  pickup   post  office  of  my  choice   office   home   parcel  locker   How   gi•  wrapped   sprayed  with  perfume   embossed,   Engraved   When     same  day   next  day   deferred  delivery   rerouGng  
  13. 13. Own  Brands   •  Amazon’s  own  line  of  diapers  -­‐    Amazon   Elements.  The  line  of  diapers  and  baby  wipes   will  only  be  available  to  customers  who   belong  to  the  Amazon  Prime  membership   program.   •  Zalando  brand  awareness  in  countries  with   Zalando  shop  launched  before  2012  is  89%.     •  Nerlix  is  moving  away  from  buying  content.   It  would  rather  draw  addicts,  who  have  just   one  just-­‐for-­‐Nerlix  show  that  prevents  them   from  canceling..   hVp://­‐unveils-­‐its-­‐own-­‐line-­‐of-­‐diapers-­‐ confirming-­‐partners-­‐biggest-­‐fears/     Zalando  –  Europe’s  leading  online  fashion  desGnaGon,  Zalando  AG,  2014   hVp://­‐economics-­‐assessing-­‐the-­‐ business-­‐case-­‐of-­‐nerlixs-­‐original-­‐content/     Ne`lix  is  hedging  against  rising   content  licensing  costs,  which  are  up   700%  over  the  past  two  years.  While   per-­‐show  licenses  will  never  surpass   the  cost  of  original  producing  a  series,   their  increases  will  make  ongoing   investments  in  House  of  Cards  less   expensive  on  a  differen;al  basis.   MaVhew  Ball  
  14. 14. Shopping  Malls   •  Online  stores  and  websites  are  already   making  a  shi•  toward  mobile  opGmized   shopping  experience.   •  You  can  expect  more  businesses  to  focus   on  creaGng  mobile-­‐friendly  stores  and   even  hybrid  experiences  in  their  physical   stores  to  accommodate  mobile  shoppers.   •  Wearables  may  just  be  the  link  between   eCommerce  and  the  physical  world.   •  Google  Launches  Store  Visits  Metric  to   help  prove  online2offline  impact.   hVp://­‐store-­‐visits-­‐esGmated-­‐ conversions-­‐metric-­‐adwords-­‐211254     hVp://­‐ecommerce-­‐trends-­‐what-­‐to-­‐expect     hVp://­‐screen       One  dashboard  to  manage  your  retail   and  online  stores  in  Shopify   Mul;-­‐channel  really  transforms  to   omni-­‐channel  for  all  categories,  if  you   want  fast  growth.  We  will  also  see   smart  players  combining  online  and   offline  in  innova;ve  ways  -­‐  think  events,   popups,  physical  retail  and  new  delivery   op;ons.   Dylan  Fuller,  Head  of  Ecommerce,  Ales   by  Mail  
  15. 15. Mobile  Traffic  will  ConGnue  to  Rise   •  The  world  is  moving  quickly  to  3G  and  4G  networks.     •  Mobile  users  watch  a  lot  of  video.     •  Global  mobile  transacGons  are  averaging  42%  annual   growth  in  volume  and  value  between  2011  and  2016.   •  Asia-­‐Pacific  is  leading  the  world  in  terms  of  mobile   users’  enthusiasm  for  shopping  via  mobile  device.   hVp://­‐traffic-­‐will-­‐conGnue-­‐to-­‐rise-­‐ rise-­‐rise-­‐as-­‐smart-­‐devices-­‐take-­‐over-­‐the-­‐world/     hVp://etc-­‐­‐trends/ecommerce/mobile-­‐commerce/       Each  day  you  see  a  curated   selecGon  of  items.  Swipe   right  to  save  an  item,  swipe   le•  to  skip  it.   hVps://     For  several  years,  keeps  repea;ng  that  next  year  will  be  the  year  of   mobile,  but  it  is  at  the  end  of  2014,  in  the  US  the  ;me  spent  on  mobile   outgrown  the  ;me  spent  in  front  of  the  TV.  Is  ecommerce  prepared  for  it?   Karol  Pokojowczyk,  Founder,  CEO,  
  16. 16. Mobile  Commerce   •  In  the  past  four  years,  the  mobile  eCommerce   market  in  US  has  grown  by  19%.   •  36.9%  of  visits  to  online  stores  have  come   from  mobile  devices.   •  Over  the  last  two  years,  iPhone’s  share  of   eCommerce  orders  has  gone  down  from   75.1%  in  2012  to  53.6%  in  as  of  March  2014.     •  Samsung  have  more  than  quadrupled  their   share  of  phone  orders  -­‐    from  6.9%  in  2012  to   30.5%  in  2014.   •  iPad  sGll  accounts  for  the  biggest  share  of   tablet  eCommerce  orders.   •  Purchases  made  on  Amazon  Kindle  Fire  are   now  accounGng  for  4.5%  of  all  tablet  orders.     •  In  2014  email  markeGng  generated  26.7%  of   sales  on  mobile  phones,  compared  to  only   20.9%  on  desktop,  and  23.1%  on  tablet.   hVp://­‐pulse-­‐ mobile-­‐report/     People  are  actually  buy  on  mobile  now.   Compared  to  last  year,  when  most   transac;ons  were  started  on  mobile  and   were  either  abandoned  or  completed  on   desktop.   Murry  Ivanoff,  CEO  of  Metrilo,   Looking  at  data  from  over  100,000   ecommerce  stores  that  use  the  Shopify   pla`orm,  we  saw  50.3%  of  traffic   coming  from  mobile  (40.3%  from  mobile   phones,  10%  from  tablets)  and  just   49.7%  from  computers.   Tobi  Lütke   Founder,  CEO,  Shopify  
  17. 17. Wearables     •  Businesses  will  be  able  to   rapidly  update  consumers  on   price  changes,  promoGons,   etc.,  while  marketers  will  have   a  whole  new  method  of   catching  their  aVenGon,  a  way   that  only  stops  when  a  person   is  asleep.     •  Wearable  tech  is  on  the  rise.   –  Cisco  esGmates  that  there  were   21.7  million  wearable  devices  in   2013.     In  five  years,  that  number  is   expected  to  rise  to  176.9  million   devices   hVp://­‐ecommerce-­‐ trends-­‐what-­‐to-­‐expect   hVp://­‐provider/ visual-­‐networking-­‐index-­‐vni/index.html     hVps://­‐mobile-­‐markeGng-­‐ commerce-­‐trends-­‐from-­‐2014-­‐into-­‐2015/       Then  come  2016  expect  a  v2.0  Apple  Watch  that  blows   us  all  away...  maybe  with  100%  accurate  voice   recogni;on.   MaV  Hobbs,  Just  Eat   Most  importantly  we’ve  seen  mobile  payments  via   NFC  or  Apple  Pay  become  a  reality,  changing  the   func;on  of  mobile  devices  forever.     Sarah  Watson,  Group  Mobile  Manager,  Net-­‐A-­‐Porter   Group  
  18. 18. e-­‐Commerce  Design  Trends   •  In  2015  responsive,    mobile-­‐friendly     eCommerce  websites  will  stop  being    a   compeGGve  advantage  and  start  to  become  a   necessity  for  doing  business  online.     •  Web  design  trends:   1.  data  science   2.  hidden  menus  (someGmes  called  hamburger  menus)   •  People  don’t  yet  understand  what  the  hamburger  menu   icon  means.   3.  responsive  design  for  large  screens   4.  flexible  and  large  typography   5.  large  photography   6.  video  content  and  backgrounds   7.  slippy  UX   8.  material  design  by  Google   hVp://­‐ design/introducGon.html         hVp://­‐6-­‐Ecommerce-­‐Design-­‐Trends-­‐for-­‐2015     hVp://­‐top-­‐ux-­‐predicGons-­‐for-­‐2015     hVp://    
  19. 19. Social  Media   In  2014,  only  a  handful  of  e-­‐commerce   businesses  interacted  with  all  their   customers  online,  regardless  of  the   channel.  I  believe  2015  will  bring  a   breakthrough  in  social  customer   support.  More  and  more  companies   invest  in  monitoring.  Huge  contact   center  companies  crea;ng  social  media   divisions.  Moreover,  2015  will  bring  a   concrete  data  -­‐  case  studies,  reports  -­‐  to   prove  how  valuable  engaging  your   customers  online  really  is.   Michal  Sadowski,  CEO,  Brand24     Wow  the  customer  or  die!   And  next  will  be  the  shopping   func;onali;es  in  the  social  realm   (Facebook’s  &  Twiaer’s  “buy”  buaons  &   Curalate’s  Like2Buy  pla`orm  for   Instagram)  tell  me  that  social  is  going  to   get  a  whole  lot  more  shoppable  in  2015.     Karol  Pokojowczyk,  CEO,   •  Social  commerce  is  evolving  to  meet   companies’  needs.   •  TwiVer  joins  other  companies  like  Facebook  in   trying  to  prove  that  social  commerce  is   working.   •  Facebook  dominates  as  a  source  of  social   traffic  and  sales  -­‐  average  of  85%  of  all   eCommerce  orders  from  social  media  come   from  Facebook.   •  Community  style  sites  like  Polyvore,  Instagram   can  generate  high  average  order  value.   •  Facebook  has  the  highest  conversion  rate  for   all  social  media  ecommerce  traffic  at   1.85%Social  commerce  workarounds  like   hVp://  and   hVp://     hVp://     hVp://­‐commerce    
  20. 20. eMarkeGng   •  Content  MarkeGng  growing  bigger  than  ever:   –  It  already  is  necessary  for  companies  to  adapt  content   for  mobile  users.   •  Video  will  sGll  be  growing    in  popularity.   •  The  length  and  value  of  the  content  will  be   more  essenGal  than  ever  for  effecGve  SEO  .   •  Mobile-­‐First  MarkeGng   •  ProgrammaGc  Ad  Buying   •  By  2018,  50%  of  online  display  adverGsements   in  America  will  be  bought  this  way.Marketers   will  try  new  cu}ng-­‐edge  digital  markeGng  tools,     –  Some  inspiraGon:   hVp://­‐digital-­‐ markeGng/markeGng-­‐innovaGon/digital-­‐markeGng-­‐ trends-­‐2015/     As  we  are  reaching  the  edges  of  where   we  can  go  with  brand  SEO,  PPC  and   Affiliate  Marke;ng,  we  are  looking  for   more  ways  to  win  business.    2015  will  be   all  about  local  search  and  employing   Google+  to  win  at  a  local  search  level.   Nigel  Apperley,  Head  of  E-­‐Commerce   for  Kwik  Fit,  UK,  chain  of  800  garages   hVp://­‐markeGng-­‐resources/top-­‐markeGng-­‐ trends-­‐2015.html  ,  Mobile  AdverGsing  Trends  Report,  FunMobility,  2014   hVp://­‐digital-­‐markeGng-­‐trends-­‐ for-­‐2015  , hVp://­‐report/21615872-­‐rise-­‐electronic-­‐ marketplace-­‐online-­‐ads-­‐reshaping-­‐media-­‐business-­‐buy     In  the  future,  all  adver;sing  on  social   media  will  be  na;ve  instream  ads.  The   right  rail  and  banners  will  disappear   altogether.   Jan  Rezab,  CEO  of  Socialbakers   It  is  not  about  finding  a  hole  in  Google’s   algorithm  ,  but  offering  true  content   that  benefits  the  community.     Richard  Mancuso,  CEO,  Unify  One  
  21. 21. Driving  Loyalty   •  One  of  the  big  challenges  in  retail  is   turning  a  one-­‐Gme  shopper  into  a  loyal   customer.     •  6  million  people  use  Shopkick,  which   makes  it  the  most-­‐used  shopping  app.   –  Users  get  points  (called  kicks)  for  entering  a   store  and  further  kicks  for  scanning  items  and   purchasing.     •  Retailers  have  to  be  more  innovaGve  in   implemenGng  their  loyalty  efforts:   –  early  access  to  products  or  services,   –  unexpected  rewards,   –  tailored  perks.     hVp://­‐borison/top-­‐trends-­‐in-­‐ecommerce-­‐for-­‐new-­‐ year.html     hVps://­‐the-­‐five-­‐most-­‐interesGng-­‐mobile-­‐ loyalty-­‐apps#i.vozbhlf4mf3iV     hVps://­‐81464881-­‐3-­‐loyalty-­‐ program-­‐add-­‐ons-­‐that-­‐delight-­‐and-­‐win-­‐over-­‐customers     Buyers  of  b2c  will  always  want  lower   prices.  The  same  is  not  true  with  b2b   where  you  are  selling  to  someone  who  is   spending  someone  else’s  money.      In  this   case,    it’s  about  making  their  personal   experience  beaer.    If  a  buyer  is  going  to   personally  receive  an  iPad  aqer   spending  $5000  of  the  their  employers   money,  they  won’t  mind  paying  10-­‐15%   higher  on  prices.    They  can  even  jus;fy   this  price  increase  if  we  are  saving  them   ;me  during  the  purchase  process.    We   plan  to  put  a  blog  out  on  rewards  in  the   new  year.   Richard  Mancuso,  CEO,  Unify  One   For  commodi;es  with  easy  distribu;on,   which  can  be  easily  compared  with  each   other  and  without  the  need  for  physical   connec;on,  the  transparency  will  create   a  “winner  takes  it  all’  situa;on.     Torkel  Hallander,  CEO,  
  22. 22. Digital  Content   •  Music:  The  digital  now  accounts  for  39%  of  total  industry  global  revenues,   and  in  three  of  the  world’s  top  10  markets,  digital  channels  account  for  the   majority  of  revenues.   –  Music  subscripGon  services  including  SpoGfy  and  Deezer  have  broken  through  the  $1bn   sales  barrier  worldwide.   •  News:  The  growing  range  of  business  models  in  digital  news  suggests  the   industry  will  be  much  more  segmented  now  than  previously.     •  Games:  Free2Play  model  will  remain  popular  in  2015  and  beyond:   –  PlayStaGon  4  and  Microso•’s  Xbox  One  will  offer  more  F2P  opGons  than  before.   –  Revenue  from  mobile  gaming  is  likely  to  surpass  console  gaming  in  2015.   •  VOD  -­‐  TechNavio's  analysts  forecast  the  Global  Video  on  Demand  market  to   grow  at  a  CAGR  of  16.8%  over  the  period  2011-­‐2015.   •  E-­‐books  -­‐  real  progress  for  authors:   –  Self-­‐published  authors  are  now  earning  nearly  40%  of  all  e-­‐book  royalGes  on  the  Kindle   store.   hVp://­‐approaches-­‐to-­‐paid-­‐digital-­‐content/   IFPI  Digital  Music  Report  2014,  hVp://­‐self-­‐publishing-­‐surging-­‐ebook-­‐market-­‐amazon     hVp://­‐five-­‐online-­‐gaming-­‐industry-­‐trends-­‐2015/    
  23. 23. Payments   •  About  15%  of  purchases    in  Starbucks  U.S.   happen  via  mobile  apps.       •  Apple  equips  iPhone  6    with  an  e-­‐wallet   called  Apple  Pay.   •  eBay  suddenly    resolves  to  spin  off  PayPal  in   2015.   •  Companies  like  LendUp,  Kreditech,  and   Zestcash  are  working  on  models  to  assess   creditworthiness  with  new  criteria,  e.g.   behavior  on  social  media.   •  Crowdfunding  sites  have  proven  remarkably   good  at  aVracGng  reliable  borrowers.   •  Digital  currencies  such  as  Bitcoin  will   conGnue  to  gain  tracGon  next  year.   hVp://­‐payments-­‐trends   hVp://­‐payment-­‐trends-­‐2015/       The  baale  for  consumer  digital  IDs   and  informa;on  will  accelerate  in   2015.  This  is  a  key  underlying  trend   which  drives  interest  in  mobile   payment  systems   Christophe  Uzureau,  Analyst,  Gartner  
  24. 24. Security   •  InformaGon  security  was  one  of  the  biggest   stories  of  2014.     –  Kmart  ,  JPMorgan,  Snapchat,  Apple  iCloud,  Sony,  Xbox,  …   •  54%  of  the  aVacks  targeted  eCommerce  systems.     –  Point-­‐of-­‐sale  (POS)  aVacks  come  next,  making  up  33%.   •  Experts  believe  that  these  two  types  of  breaches   will  dominate  the  landscape  in  the  upcoming   years.     •  Java,  Adobe  Flash,  Adobe  Reader  and  other  third-­‐ party  applicaGons  accounted  for  85  %  of  the   exploits  used  in  the  cyberaVacks  last  year.   •  Many  organizaGons  are  sGll  incapable  of   detecGng  data  breaches  themselves.  According  to   Trustwave’s  report,  71%  of  vicGms  have  been   noGfied  by  others.     hVp:// infosec-­‐2014-­‐hacking/? utm_campaign=Mash-­‐Prod-­‐RSS-­‐ Feedburner-­‐All-­‐ParGal&utm_cid=Mash-­‐ Prod-­‐RSS-­‐Feedburner-­‐All-­‐ParGal     hVp:// most-­‐2013-­‐data-­‐breaches-­‐affected-­‐e-­‐ commerce-­‐and-­‐pos-­‐systems-­‐trustwave     15  Ways  to  Protect  Your   Ecommerce  Site  From  Hacking   and  Fraud   hap://;cle/ 2384809/e-­‐commerce/15-­‐ ways-­‐to-­‐protect-­‐your-­‐ ecommerce-­‐site-­‐from-­‐hacking-­‐ and-­‐fraud.html    
  25. 25. eCommerce  Plarorms   •  Alexa  1  million  top  sites  survey   unveiled  leadership  of  Magento   among  world  top     eCommerce  plarorms.   •  Most  of  the  Top  100  Online   Retailers  use  in-­‐house-­‐built   eCommerce  plarorms.   –  Oracle  ATG  Commerce  was  chosen  by   25  companies  from  the  top  100   eRetailers.   –  IBM  WebSphere  was  chosen  by  20   companies  from  the  top  100   eRetailers.   –  Other  eCommerce  plarorms  used  by   online  retailers  as  the  top  100   include:  eBay  Enterprise,  Fry/MICROS,   RedPrairie/JDA,  Hybris/SAP,   Demandware,  Intershop,  Digital  River.   hVp://­‐commerce-­‐plarorms-­‐share-­‐invesGgaGon-­‐october-­‐2014/   hVps://­‐leading-­‐ecommerce-­‐plarorms-­‐for-­‐the-­‐top-­‐100-­‐online-­‐retailers-­‐ america/      
  26. 26. Other  Trends  to  Watch     •  Beacon  technology  –  sGll  waiGng  for  the  killer  app,   •  Speech  recogniGon  –  Amazon  Echo,   •  Machine  learning  services  /  deep  learning  –  Google   Brain,   •  3D  prinGng  –  new  materials  and  business  models  –   possibly  the  fastest  growing  area  of  the  IT  sector,   •  New  business  models  -­‐  e.g.  Pay  What  is  Fair  model,           •  New  customer  acquisiGon  models  –  e.g.  Personal   Buying  Assistants  (app  Fetch).   We’re  making  a  big  bet  on  the  fact  that  most  people  out  there   are  trustworthy,  good,  honest  people,  and  those  are  the  kinds  of   customers  we  want.  -­‐  Andrei  Cherny,  CEO,  AspiraGon   hVp://­‐cherny-­‐aspiraGon/    
  27. 27. About  Divante   •  Started  in  2008,  we  are  a  rapidly   developing     eCommerce  Agency    based  in  Wroclaw,     Poland.   •  To  ensure  high  quality  with  flexible   approach  to  business  requirements,  we   work  using  SCRUM  methodology.   •  We  are  a  full-­‐service  eCommerce   Agency  backed  up  by:   –  Magento,  hybris,  CRM,  CMS,  PIM   –  more  than  150  employees   –  more  than  80  developers  (PHP,  .NET,  RoR,   iOS,  Android)   –  6  Magento  CerGfied  Developers   –  10  project  managers   –  12  UX  designers   •  Case  studies:     hVp://      
  28. 28. THANK  YOU!     HTTP://DIVANTE.CO/BLOG