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4 Crucial Slides for Your Startup's Investor Presentation

Blog post expanding on this is on the Lightspeed Venture Partners India blog here:

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4 Crucial Slides for Your Startup's Investor Presentation

  1. NewCo Technologies Pvt LtdOctober 2012
  2. What We Do Content: One or two sentences on what you do, whom you do it for and the key benefit. Dumb it down, keep it simple. Goal is just to orient investors to the category you are in. Voice track: Perhaps embellish with a factoid or two. Examples:  "#1 web- and mobile-based restaurant guide in India"  "The largest online marketplace for B2B trading of electricity in India"  "BillmeLater for bill payments"  "The leader in cloud spend management software, enabling organizations to spend smarter and save money" 2
  3. Investment Highlights Content: List 3-5 reasons that investors should invest. Be specific, not generic. Dont say things like " Most experienced team" or "Large market" - these are too generic. Voice track: Hit the main points, dont read every single thing on the page Examples:  "Team has 40 years of collective experience in ecommerce and payments, with successful stints at, Paypal and Flipkart"  "Product is 3 months into beta testing, has 5000 active users and is trending to 40% month-on-month retention."  "Distribution pipeline developing well - have signed #2 bank in India with 56M customers and two other banks in negotiations"  "MAUs growing at 30% per month for last 6 months, now @ 150k MAUs, targeting 3 2M by March 2013"
  4. 25 Years of Experience inConsumer Financial Services Title above is only illustrative, customize it to your project Content: Show name, photo, only key experiences relevant to this specific project. Voice track: Dont go chronologically through everybodys career and academic background. Talk only about experiences that are directly relevant to your current project. 4
  5. Product Demo Content: Show the product (live, as much as possible), have canned video or screenshot as backup Voice track: Take <5 minutes to go through this from an end-user use-case perspective, not a feature/benefit walkthrough. Highlight a couple of key differentiators. If mobile, use on-screen emulator. 5