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Limited Partner Profiles/Issues Types of The Helpful VC

Limited Partner Profiles/Issues
Types of LPs
● Institutional
○ Pension Funds
○ Foundations / Endowments
○ Financial / Insurance Companies / Banks
○ Corporates
○ Government / Community
● Private
○ HNW Individuals (“High Net Worth”)
○ Family offices (SFO, MFO)
○ FFF (Friends, Family, Fools)
○ You, Your Dog, Your Cat.
Issues for Potential LPs
● Asset Allocation
○ Equities, Bonds, Cash, Real Estate, “Alternatives”
○ Alternatives = Hedge Fudns, PE, VC, etc
● Time-horizon / Liquidity needs (short vs. long)
● Investing Motivations
○ Pure Economic Returns (perception vs reality)
○ Strategic (innovation/IP, M&A, people, product)
○ Access to Dealflow (industry vertical focus?)
○ Economic Development (Jobs, Ecosystem)
○ Marketing/PR (“It’s cool to invest in VC/tech”)
● Have they invested in VC funds before?
● Have they invested in startups before?
● Interest in Emerging Managers / Early-Stage?