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Help Framework: Why, Who, When, The Helpful VC

Help Framework: Why, Who, When, What, How?
● Why Help Companies?
○ Just help them win! (goodwill)
○ Help them with something you’re good at
○ Find out how they are doing (metrics)
○ Build your reputation -> better dealflow
○ Earn right to participate in future rounds
● Who Should You Help? For How Long?
○ Only Winners? Everyone? Even Losers?
○ Until next round? Forever?
○ Until they “win” (or FAIL to win...)
○ Board Seats / Advisor seats?
○ Define when / how you will pull the ripcord
● Define your “Help Framework.”
○ What will you do?
○ Who will you help?
○ For how long?
○ Until something happens? Or forever?
○ Tell them what you expect to get back
● What is Your Unique Help Superpower?
○ Product Development
○ Marketing/Sales
○ People/Recruiting/Hiring
○ Operations/Process
○ Raise More Capital (*not unique)