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Using data (analytics:analysis) to guide (e)teaching and (e)learning


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1st draft on 23 October 2017 @ 0727am

Published in: Education
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Using data (analytics:analysis) to guide (e)teaching and (e)learning

  1. 1. Using data (analytics/analysis) to guide (e)Teaching and (e)Learning Analytics Information on learning pathway engagement, milestones Assessment Information on learning outcomes Analysis and Evaluation Guided by …. Informed by Learning design Learning outcomes Frank JR, Snell LS, Cate OT, Holmboe ES, Carraccio C, Swing SR, Harris P, Glasgow NJ, Campbell C, Dath D, Harden RM, Iobst W, Long DM, Mungroo R, Richardson DL, Sherbino J, Silver I, Taber S, Talbot M, Harris KA. Competency-based medical education: theory to practice. Med Teach. 2010;32(8):638-45. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2010.501190. 
 Lori Lockyer, Elizabeth Heathcote, Shane Dawson. Informing Pedagogical Action - Aligning Learning Analytics with Learning Design. American Behavioral Scientist Vol 57, Issue 10, pp. 1439 - 1459 “Assessment Drives Student Learning” George E Miller Poh-Sun Goh 1st draft on 23 October 2017 @ 0727am