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Sectors of the economy alonso

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Sectors of the economy alonso

  1. 1. Primary Sector = Raw materials Fishing, Mining, Forestry, Arable Farming Livestock Farming…The economy Secondary Sector = Manufactured Products Factories, Artisans Workers, Leather Workers… Tertiary Sector = Service Sector Dentist, Policeman, Lawyer, Lorry Driver…
  2. 2. Coastal Fishing Deep-sea fising Arable farming Dryland or Irrigated LivestockPrimary FarmingSector Intensive or Extensive Forestry Quarries Mining Undergroung Mines
  3. 3. They cath small fish Coastal They return to their hauses in one dayFishing They have refrigerators Deep Sea fishing They cath big fish They return to their hause in two or more weeks
  4. 4. Non- Irrigated food cropsFood DrylandCrops Livestock Farming
  5. 5. Extensive Bovine Intensive Livestock FarmingCaprine Avian Ovine Porcine
  6. 6. Is the explotation offorest to extract plant productslike cork cellulose and resin
  7. 7. MiningUndergroung Quarries Mines
  8. 8. They produce manufactured products using rawmaterials They are unlimitedNon-renewable sourcesOil, Coal, Natural gas, Nuclearenergy and Petroleum are non- Water Renewables Wind sourcesrewable sources. They arelimited Sunlight
  9. 9. ItermediateConsumer goods goods Others Factories Tertiary Sector Tertiary Sector