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Vertebrate invertebrate-paula5 a

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Vertebrate invertebrate-paula5 a

  1. 1. By: Paula López Vicente 5ºA
  3. 3. MOLLUSKS Have got a hard shell JELLYFISH AND POLYPS Have got long tentacles SPONGES Pores ANNELIDS Divided into rings ARTHROPODS Exoskeleton and jointed legs ECHINODERMS Sharp spikes
  4. 4. MY CRAB It is an arthropod crustacean , it has got ten legs and a very hard exoskeleton. They are living things The parts of a crab: antennae, antennules, clip, cephalothorax, abdomen, legs ,telson and shell. crabs eat: fish, bacteria, plankton, small or large fish, algae ... Land crabs dig deep into the earth to have access to water and can live up to 5 km from the sea. They can also live in the sand, in the water, shore... Crabs can live in the deep ocean, or tidal shallow wells.
  6. 6. BIRDS Have got feathers REPTILE Have got scales AMPHIBIANS Have got smooth skin FISH Have got scales MAMMALS Have got hair
  7. 7. MY TURTLE It is a Mora turtle,it has got a hard shell and four legs. They are living things. The parts of a turtle are tail, they haven´t got any teeth, they´ve got a hard beak. Turtles eat: plants and vegetables, like thistles and dandelion. They live in arid places with low rainfall, where the bushes and small shrubs predominate.
  8. 8. fin