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first presentation in fund raising topic


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Published in: Business

first presentation in fund raising topic

  1. 1. content 1)what is fund raising? 1)wrong concepts about fund raising 2)fund raising importance 3)sources of fund 4)fund raiser qualification
  2. 2. it is all about fund people more than fund money In corporate sector it is named (business development) important equation : more people= more fund=more exposure
  3. 3. 2-wrong concepts about fund raising beging they pay money through you not for you
  4. 4. wrong concepts about fund raising time consuming ABR concept
  5. 5. 3-fund raising importance Exposure For you and your entity
  6. 6. fund raising importance more supporter Who can help you in the future
  7. 7. fund raising importance increase profit
  8. 8. 4-sources of fund • In kinds • Win Win situation
  9. 9. sources of fund • Donation Some thing you give without intention to receive
  10. 10. fund raising importance • Grants Some thing you receive for free and Re use it for your benefit
  11. 11. sources of fund • Online fund
  12. 12. sources of fund • Set plans Plan for each project individual and there are some risks
  13. 13. fund raiser qualification • Good appearance • Formal suit for men And dresses for women • First impression is so important as on it depend your success
  14. 14. fund raiser qualification • Problem solving 1. Be wise 2. think quickly but carefully 3. listen more than you talk- 4. give details and important information at the end 5. search for some thing to share with the person you talk
  15. 15. fund raiser qualification • Smile It is a gift and make people likes you
  16. 16. fund raiser qualification • Sense of compliment