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A Customer Journey for Supermarket Apps


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How can supermarkets employ rich and two-way messaging to increase app usage and drive engagement with their app users? Donky will show you how!

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A Customer Journey for Supermarket Apps

  2. 2. 2 Push Notifications • A text only message which arrives on the handset home screen • Limited content size (dependent on operating system) • Once dismissed is irretrievable • Used by the Donky network to notify the user of new content • No tracking and limited MI available Rich Messages • Exciting and engaging HTML5 “in-app pages” • Similar practices to an email, including images, colours, fonts and video • Completely responsive to all Android and iOS devices • Delivered to an in-app inbox • Configurable validity for timed offers Messaging Types Used
  3. 3. 3 Two-Way Chat Messages • A text message which arrives in an in-app inbox • Attach images or emoticons • Include URLs and format text • Automate replies to inbound messages using rules • Unlimited message length Messaging Types Used
  4. 4. 4 £6,250 basket increase per day ~ £187,500 per month basket increase ~ £2,280,000 per year basket increase ~ ROI = £2,150,000 (17x initial investment) MESSAGE Don't forget your delivery is tomorrow during the 6pm slot. You have until 11pm today to amend your order. To stop texts send STOP to 60006 STATS 12,500 messages sent per day. Campaign generates average 50p basket increase per purchase. Case Study – ROI of Mobile (SMS)
  6. 6. 6 THIS EXAMPLE When a user registers, automate an instant Rich Message to welcome them to the app. Offer an additional incentive for being an app user. Use to provide users with necessary information (e.g. links to T&Cs) or encourage them to update tags. OTHER IDEAS • Follow up chat message to encourage users to update their preference tags (e.g. groceries, home wares, baby etc.) • After a period, request feedback via an inbound message or initiate a survey. Welcoming New App Users
  7. 7. 7 THIS EXAMPLE Use in-app inbox to deliver updates on deliveries or click and collect orders within the app. Allow responses for users to change the date of the delivery. Let users send in additional information via App Chat to assist with delivery (special instructions etc.) If items are out of stock, send a message to let user decide whether to substitute or go without. Providing Excellent Customer Service OTHER IDEAS • Customer services: link to two-way chat from contact page. • Seasonal recipe ideas via Rich Messages. • Beacon triggered messages to users in or near a store with relevant offers. • Operational updates on opening times of local stores. • Automated feedback and survey request. • Encourage users to send in images of damaged or faulty produce for refunds
  8. 8. 8 THIS EXAMPLE A Rich Message deployed through Campaign Builder to all app users to drive traffic and interest in Click & Collect. Deep linking (coming soon) can be used to drive users to the Click & Collect area of the app. Instructions can be included within the message, which will be stored in the app inbox. Promoting Click & Collect OTHER IDEAS • Encourage uptake of Click & Collect during busy periods to lift weight from other areas of the business. • Use App Chat for reminders, to ensure message is stored and can be referred to.
  9. 9. 9 THIS EXAMPLE Trigger automated campaigns (coming soon) to users based on how long they have been in-active. Use Rich Messaging with a clear call to action to drive uptake. Activating Dormant Users OTHER IDEAS • Monthly re-activation offers to existing customers. • Regular coupons for loyal customers via App Chat. • Create conversations with inactive users via App Chat to engage and reward them.
  10. 10. 10 THIS EXAMPLE A Rich Message to engage users who fail to complete an order in the app. Clear call to action and potential money off to encourage uptake. Basket Uplift / Abandonment OTHER IDEAS • Promote incomplete offers to customers who have recently place orders. • Reminders of missed offers following the placement of an order. • Reminders of offers for previously purchased items via Chat Message.
  11. 11. 11 THIS EXAMPLE Work with partners (brands) to create Rich Message advertising to promote new products. Similar to branded advertising on website, promote product lines in line with wider marketing strategy. Other Opportunities OTHER IDEAS • Use Social Chat to allow sharing of products within the app. • Drive app downloads by allowing users to invite their friends and create promotions around this. • Use Rich Messaging for tactical marketing offers. • Replace email with Rich Messaging for app users. • Create in-app competitions via two-way messaging. • Use user preferences to target groups with relevant messaging.
  12. 12. 12 How does it work?
  13. 13. 13 Campaign Builder Donky Control Online access portal for all analytics, monitoring and management of your Donky network and Application Spaces. • Launch Campaign Builder • Download resources, including SDK and guides • Configure and monitor app spaces (+forwarding) • Review and download analytics Tools SaaS campaign creation and management tool for deploying to the Donky network. Produces Simple Push, Rich Message and Chat Message campaigns. • Complex inbound message rules (including forward and reply)